Ghost Particle Found In Antarctica

17 Juillet, 2018, 10:11 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • IceCube Lab

It was also found that its rapidly spinning black hole served as the galaxy's own natural particle accelerator.

Telescopes on the ground and in orbit immediately started scanning the region of space the neutrino came from, searching for anything that might have been energetic enough to launch it. "But to best understand what they're telling us, we need to connect them to the "messenger" astronomers know best-light". That was the case until one was discovered September a year ago. A cosmic ray is a high-energy subatomic particle that constantly bombards the atmosphere of our planet.

The leading suspects have always been quasars.

The blazar in question, designated TXS 0506+056, points one of its streams in the direction of Earth.

This particular galaxy type is known as a blazar, because one of the jets is trained directly towards Earth.

It's akin to when Galileo first turned a telescope on the heavens. "We are opening a new window into the high-energy universe", said Marek Kowalski, the head of Neutrino Astronomy in a research center at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

That jet contained neutrinos - subatomic particles so tiny and hard to detect they are nicknamed "ghost particles". Black holes are capable of generating intense radiation.

Jamie Yang Savannah Guthrie  IceCube  NSF
The July 2018 cover of Science features neutrinos
Jamie Yang Savannah Guthrie IceCube NSF The July 2018 cover of Science features neutrinos

The observations were made by the National Science Foundation-supported IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and confirmed by telescopes around the globe and in Earth's orbit.

The lead scientist for the IceCube Neutrino Observatory is Francis Halzen, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of physics. Neutrinos are sometimes called the ghost particle because they can travel virtually unimpeded across the universe.

Nearly immediately after that point, where did this particle began to follow dozens of ground and space telescopes, including the orbital Observatory "Fermi", "Hubble" and a number of other probes. Neutrinos, Italian for "little neutral ones", are often described as "ghost particles", for their extremely weak interactions with ordinary matter.

Yet in theory they are all over. "The data also allows us to make a first estimate of the neutrino flux from this source".

As the latest astrophysical messenger to enter the game, neutrinos bring crucial new information to uncovering the inner workings of these cosmic ray accelerators.

See how the ghostly particle in Antarctic ice traced by scientists back to 4 billion light-years away can change everything. Because they rarely interact with matter and have almost no mass, neutrinos travel nearly undisturbed from their creation, giving scientists an almost direct pointer to their source. Neutrinos show the complex processes that occur inside the environment, and cosmic rays show the force and speed of violent activity. According to the previous data records a highly energetic neutrino collided one of the nuclei which were of those frozen water atoms in September 2017, which resulted in the creation of a particle which is specifically called a muon and it was then passed through the chilled detector, which allowed scientists to find the real trajectory from where the neutrino had arrived to the South Pole. On the subatomic scale, the gravity of a neutrino is extremely weak and these particles normally pass through matter completely undetected at almost the speed of light.

Canadian scientists are part of an global team that has for the first time tracked a tiny, high-energy twist of matter to its source in deep space. One reason, he said, was that the scientists had assumed the sources would be nearby, perhaps even in our own Milky Way galaxy. It had an energy of 300 trillion electron volts. "Which is of course bigger than the Large Hadron Collider at Cern", Prof Karle laughed. They're created in nuclear reactions, like those that occur in a black hole.

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