The Browns won so now those beer fridges are open

22 Septembre, 2018, 00:24 | Auteur: Adelaide Bullion
  • Reportedly the Cleveland Browns will name rookie Baker Mayfield their starting quarterback on Monday

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) runs off the field after the Browns beat the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft, Baker Mayfield, made sure his career got off to a flawless start on Thursday night.

For Cleveland's National Football League team winning a single game is cause for celebration.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in 2016, a shirtless JR Smith stole the show in their victory parade.

The Cleveland Browns have finally won a game and Bud Light is celebrating with free beer.

It's safe to say there's no love lost between these two.

Gérard Depardieu va rencontrer Erdogan et demandera la nationalité du pays — Turquie
Après la nationalité française bien évidemment, et russe, le "monstre" du cinéma français va demander la nationalité turque. C'est ce qu'a indiqué le comédien au journal Aydinlik lors de son passage remarqué en Corée du Nord .

"Les Frères Sisters", un western à la française
Le nouveau film du réalisateur Jacques Audiard pourrait en outre rencontrer un important succès public. Elle y rencontre Kabir, un jeune Africain dont elle tombe amoureuse.

'Space Jam 2' with LeBron has been announced!
According to E!, production is set to start in 2019 during the NBA's off-season and will likely premiere in 2021. He also elaborated that this is more than just a cartoon team-up.

Mayfield played the final two minutes of the second quarter and the second half, and completed 17-of-23 for 201 yards.

He stayed humble following victory, though, and was focused on building on the success. "It's a building block for us". Having success at this level is hard to do. "You have to think through them and how you will go about them", Jackson said.

But when the Browns' players report back to work Monday morning, Jackson will announce Mayfield as the team's starting quarterback even if Tyrod Taylor is cleared from the NFL's concussion protocol.

The Browns went winless last season. "It's a long time coming", Petromilli said.

"As corny as it sounds, it's kind of how my whole life's gone", Mayfield said. "That's the thing I'm most proud of ... we put it together for the fans at home". "I am ecstatic over the win because this is what I told our guys we could do".


  • Good Doctor : un personnage de la série absent de la saison 2

    Good Doctor : un personnage de la série absent de la saison 2

    Ces deux chamboulements dans la distribution du hit de ABC ont toutefois été compensés en coulisses: Fiona Gubelmann (Dr. Elle incarnera une oncologue qui fait son retour à l'hôpital de San Jose pour soigner ( spoiler! ) le docteur Glassman.

    Scientists gave octopuses molly and it went as well as you'd expect

    Once the dose was dialed down, researchers placed the creatures in the special tank and just watched them go. All four tended to spend more time in the chamber where a male octopus was caged than the other two chambers.
    Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Reportedly Spoke to Mueller Team for Hours

    Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Reportedly Spoke to Mueller Team for Hours

    His participation in the interviews was also reportedly voluntary, without any promises of leniency made by the prosecutors. It also appears Cohen has been cooperating with state officials in a separate probe dealing with the Trump family charity.
  • Giants' Odell Beckham is less than thrilled with NFL's 'random' drug tests

    Giants' Odell Beckham is less than thrilled with NFL's 'random' drug tests

    Yes, PED's are more common in some sports than others but the National Football League has been consistently rough on their players for drug use.

    Theresa May rattled in Salzburg

    Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar also said that his government was making large-scale preparations in the event of a "No Deal Brexit ".
    Net successfully snares space debris

    Net successfully snares space debris

    A Stevenage-built satellite that can clean up space junk from Earth's orbit has successfully fired a net into space. The next step for RemoveDEBRIS will be to test navigation systems and special scanners to detect space junk.
  • Chris Evans shares joy about new arrivals

    Chris Evans shares joy about new arrivals

    Chris Evans , 52, proudly kissed his spouse as they posed for their first time as a family of six outside Frimley Park Hospital. Cox and Zoe Ball have been reported as being in the running for the job, although nothing has yet been confirmed.
    Horses across Kansas test positive for West Nile virus

    Horses across Kansas test positive for West Nile virus

    West Nile virus is spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito and is not transmitted person to person. Three state residents tested positive for the virus in all of 2017.
    Outrage over $500 duct-tape designer shoes from Nordstrom

    Outrage over $500 duct-tape designer shoes from Nordstrom

    Twitter users weren't happy that Golden Goose is charging such a hefty price for the sneakers, with some accusing the brand of "mocking poverty".
  • LREM souhaite une

    LREM souhaite une "réflexion sans tabou" sur les droits de succession

    Et de préciser: " On a demandé des efforts aux retraités mais maintenant arrêtez de les emmerder! ". Une initiative qui a provoqué l'ire d'Emmanuel Macron, selon les informations de BFMTV .
    European Union  also preparing for 'No Deal Brexit'

    European Union also preparing for 'No Deal Brexit'

    Any Brexit deal will include a withdrawal agreement and transition period to smooth Britain's exit from the bloc. She said Britain "will be bringing forward our own proposals shortly" about how to break the impasse.
    FDA warns of adverse effects of flea and tick medicine

    FDA warns of adverse effects of flea and tick medicine

    While some animals may experience neurologic events, the FDA says they remain safe for the majority of animals. Drugs in the isoxazoline class may be at the root of some of these problems, according to the FDA .


Marvel's Kevin Feige taking over X-Men movie franchise
As for the two almost completed films, Dark Phoenix and New Mutants , both of those will drop as planned in 2019. Today's Nerdist News explains what it means for Marvel and the two remaining pre-MCU X-Men films.

Le gouvernement va supprimer vingt-deux micro-taxes — Fiscalité
En ligne de mire, les prélèvements " affectés ", c'est-à-dire utilisés pour financer des organismes publics ou des collectivités. Selon Bercy, les "micro-taxes" concernées, une vingtaine environ, pèsent près de 200 millions d'euros au total.

Science says the smell of sandalwood could be the answer to baldness
As weird as the theory may sound, there are other organs that are capable of registering smell apart from the nose. Scientists believe that this is because the oil blocks the genes that cause keratin cell death or apoptosis.

L’adorable geste du prince Harry pour Meghan Markle — Vidéo
C'est son premier projet en solo depuis son mariage en mai avec le prince Harry, petit-fils de la reine Elizabeth II . Un drame qui avait causé la mort de 71 personnes en juin 2017.

Trump gets firsthand look at Hurricane Florence distress
Officers were going door-to-door along the river in Brunswick County, North Carolina encouraging residents to evacuate. The animals killed by Florence will be buried, composted or "rendered" for usable parts, state officials said.

Cowboys most valuable National Football League team for 12th successive year
Washington Examiner chief correspondent Byron York on whether NFL players will continue to protest during the national anthem. While the valuations of several National Football League franchises remained flat, no team saw a decrease in value.

McDonald's glisse entre les doigts de Bruxelles — Optimisation fiscale
La multinationale américaine n'aura pas à payer pour avoir échappé à l'impôt avec l'accord du Luxembourg. Bruxelles estime que le traitement fiscal avantageux accordé à McDonald's au Luxembourg "était légal ".

Baker Mayfield leads Browns to 1st win in 635 days
They tied the game on the ensuing two-point conversion on a trick play that ended with Mayfield catching a pass in the end zone. The Browns trailed 14-0 when Mayfield replaced an injured Tyrod Taylor late in the second quarter .

Il quitte déjà Cyril Hanouna — Bertrand Chameroy confirme
Et de rajouter, comme pour expliquer les raisons de cet échec: "Ça ressemblait trop à ce que je faisais il y a trois ans". Lire la suite sur LeParisien.frHanouna à la conquête de l'actu: dans les coulisses de "Balance ton post!"

Germany removes spymaster from his post over far-right violence row
The move puts an end to a row that exposed divisions in Chancellor Angela Merkel's government. That's after he questioned videos of far-right violence in Chemnitz.