As Public Urged To 'Take Responsibility For Their Own Heal0

07 Novembre, 2018, 03:45 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • Matt Hancock the Health Secretary is an advocate of free fruit in the workplace

The Health Secretary claims patients need to "take greater responsibility for managing their own health".

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock announced on Monday a green paper entitled "Prevention is better than cure", outlining the vision for a "new 21st century focus on prevention".

"Only with better prevention can our NHS be sustainable for the long term", he said.

To achieve this, Mr Hancock will encourage people to take more responsibility for their own health.

"Community pharmacies are ideally placed to help people to stay healthy and avoid visits to hospital - and look forward to working with the government to make this shared vision a reality". "It's about helping them make better choices, giving them the all the support we can, because we know taking the tough decisions is never easy".

Moreover, while the government has been trumpeting the £20.5bn as "the single largest cash injection for the NHS ever", it is important to note that "excluded central funds for public health, making the percentage seem larger and suggesting that public health was not a priority", said Dickson.

The UK now spends £97 billion of public money on treating disease and only £8 billion preventing it, something Hancock says just "doesn't stack up". "Being told what to do by a government minister?' But if I say, 'If you have a particular problem with your B12 because of what your genome says, or what your genes say", then you are much more likely ... you'll be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner".

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He also defended government plans to stockpile medicines, appearing to blame Brussels for the contingency.

But she also stressed that it is "not only hospitals that are feeling the strain and we urgently need greater investment in general practice - both extra funding and additional numbers of Global Positioning System and other healthcare professionals - before we can take on the responsibility of caring for and supporting even greater numbers of patients".

Speaking on 5 Live Breakfast earlier today, he said that new technology and new data techniques allow people to be more targeted about health than previously.

The shift towards prevention has also been praised by the Royal College of Nursing, which reiterated the call for serious investment at a local level.

She said: "Matt Hancock must realise his plans will start at a disadvantage as local authorities struggle with planned cuts to public health budgets of nearly 4% per year until 2021".

"There is a need to reverse the cuts to public health budgets, as in many areas, public health services do not adequately meet the health needs of the local population".

And Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth said the plans follow "years of cuts and failed privatisation".


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