Leave John Allen Chau's Body on Island, Experts Say

28 Novembre, 2018, 00:09 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
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Hanson, using the huge intellectual power at her disposal, attempted to introduce a motion to the Senate asking that it be acknowledged that the Sentinelese - who are at risk of being wiped out by pathogens for which they have no immunity and have had their culture remain more-or-less untouched by outside forces - have a right to a strict no-immigration policy.

"Mr Chau's body should be left alone, as should the Sentinelese".

John Chau was killed in a hail of arrows nearly two weeks ago as he went ashore on North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean, fishermen who dropped him nearby told police.

The fishermen who took Chau to North Sentinel, some of whom have been detained by police, said they saw the tribe burying the body on the beach.

"Such efforts in similar cases in the past have ended with the Sentinelese attempting to defend their island by force", he said, adding that any attempt to retrieve the body would be "incredibly risky".

Police have been met with hostility as they circled the island in a boat around 450 yards from the shore and spotted men armed with bows and arrows on the beach.

Seven people who helped Chau reach the island have been arrested. "They are a treasure", said Dependera Pathak, director-general of police on the Andaman and Nicobar island groups. "We have to do everything we can to secure it for them", he said.

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Officials have not given up on recovering the body, he said.

"It is rankly hypocritical for Senator Hanson to pretend to be sticking up for people like the North Sentinelese people given her record of victimising and degrading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia", Senator McKim said.

Indian officials said earlier that they were consulting anthropologists to see how they can approach with a friendly gesture. All appears faintly quaint until he details his second trip to the island a few days later, where they came across a family in the thick of the forest. Authorities apparently never recovered those bodies, and the killings were never investigated.

He had attempted to contact the Sentinelese before he died. Anthropologists used to occasionally drop off gifts of coconuts and bananas, but even those visits were stopped years ago.

"If there is a death, then the cause of death should be known".

It was "a foolish adventure", said P.C. Joshi, an anthropology professor at Delhi University who has studied the islands.

"A wealth of indigenous knowledge has already been lost because of intrusions, and trying to integrate them into our way of life, and the loss of traditional habitats", said Manish Chandi, a senior researcher at Andaman Nicobar Environment Team.



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