May and Corbyn agree to televised Brexit debate, but disagree over where

01 Décembre, 2018, 03:11 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
  • British prime minister Theresa May speaks with US president Donald Trump during the G20 summit in Buenos Aires

She added: "The focus of myself and the Government is on the vote taking place on December 11".

"It's not about me", said Mrs May. "This is about what is in the national interest".

"I think every MP needs to consider the importance of delivering on the Brexit vote together with the importance of doing that in a way that is good for their constituents, that protects their constituents' jobs and their livelihoods for the future".

The deal has been criticised by both eurosceptics and europhiles among May's own Conservative Party. The main opposition Labour Party and a cross-party group of senior lawmakers have put forward amendments to block May's European Union withdrawal deal and to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

"It opposes the deal, rejects a no-deal Brexit. and would enable the House (of Commons) to express its view about what should happen next if the PM's deal is defeated", Hilary Benn, chairman of parliament's Brexit committee, wrote on Twitter.

Asked which of those two options was more likely if her deal does not pass, she said: "We haven't had the vote yet".

"If this deal is rejected in the Commons, we are left alternative: No deal or no Brexit at all".

May said if her plan was voted down by parliament the government and businesses would have to make decisions about implementing preparations for no deal. "I believe as a country we could really prosper outside the European Union, I believe there will be opportunities for us outside the EU that there aren't as a member of the EU but a divided country is not a country that prospers", she said. I've got a deal which delivers for the British people.

DUP leader Arlene Foster and party deputy leader Nigel Dodds
DUP leader Arlene Foster and party deputy leader Nigel Dodds

Theresa May has accepted an offer to take part in a TV debate on her Brexit deal, the BBC has said.

"Sadly, what we see from the Labour Party (is) their various attempts to frustrate Brexit and frustrate this vote", May told the BBC.

May has said that if lawmakers reject the deal it could see the world's fifth-largest economy leaving the bloc without a deal, or even not leaving at all.

A no-deal Brexit would not be a disaster, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has insisted. "It says we will be able to do those trade deals, and we will be able to do them with the U.S. and others".

Mrs May said that separate analyses produced by Whitehall officials and the Bank of England this week each showed that the agreement she reached in Brussels is "the best deal that honours the result of the referendum".

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg accused the Government of an effort to "frighten and to gull (people) into acquiescing to a non-Brexit Brexit".

Dr Fox, who has given his backing to Mrs May's deal, is using a speech on Friday to appeal for unity and support for the PM's stance.

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