Prince Harry at Neo-Nazi Group's Target: 3 arrested

08 Décembre, 2018, 19:36 | Auteur: Christine Menetries
  • See ya later race traitor’ Neo Nazis aimed threats at Prince Harry after Meghan wedding – report

Meanwhile, the neo-Nazis from the group, found to be an offshoot of the American Atomwaffen Division (the German for "atomic weapon"), which encourages terrorism and worships Adolf Hitler and Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, used pseudonyms to hide their identity as they openly called for violence, promoted cruelty, racism, and misogyny.

A 17-year-old youth from London, a 21-year-old man from Bath and an 18-year-old man from Portsmouth were held yesterday as part of an investigation into right-wing extremism.

It is understood that the arrests relate to alleged activity of the Sonnenkrieg Division, a violent group with ties to a nihilistic American organisation that has been linked to five murders.

A British radical group, which goes by the name Sonnenkrieg Division, has posted a picture of Prince Harry, his image accompanied by a swastika in the background and a gun pointed at his head. The inscription in the picture reads as follows: "See ya later, race traitor!" referring to the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex's famously darkish complexion. One of the images showed that a female was hanging from a rope, stating that if a white woman dare to date a non-white man would be killed.

The latter is university student Andrew Dymock, the son of a dentistry professor.

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It's believed there are 10 to 15 members of the group in the United Kingdom and some European countries. All three are being questioned by the police London and Bath. Jeanne Pepper Bernstein, father of Blaze Bernstein said, "Group is a disease and the only way to eradicate it is to figure out where it is and root it out. If it can happen to us it can happen anywhere in the world". Dymock denies any involvement.

The BBC has been told that Mr Koczorowski was a pre-ban member of National Action, which became the first extreme-right organisation to be outlawed in the United Kingdom since the war when it was proscribed under terrorism legislation in December 2016.

Counterterrorism police are investigating threats made against Prince Harry's life after a BBC investigation obtained hundreds of messages sent by extremists.

Mr Koczorowski came to the door of his London home wearing a hooded top emblazoned with the Atomwaffen Division logo.



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