Eddie Jones' controversial training methods exposed by alarming England Rugby report

12 Janvier, 2019, 11:41 | Auteur: Adelaide Bullion
  • England winger Jonny May is assessed

If I was still playing and I read the outcome of the latest report from the England Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project, it would certainly make me think a little bit more about the risk of serious injuries on the field.

"We've been trialling the reduced tackle height into the Championship Cup", Kemp added.

"Since launching our action plan last March, we have seen greater collaboration with World Rugby and have instigated a tackle height trial in the Championship Cup which is now ongoing".

"We obviously discussed the situation a few months ago and what we did as a result of that was look at the transition of players from their club environments into the worldwide environment", RFU acting chief executive Nigel Melville said.

"We need to look at transition of players from club to country", Kemp continued. Nathan Soyeux, a 23-year-old student, passed away in Dijon on Monday after suffering injuries in a game in November. It is critical that all stakeholders - medics, coaches, officials and players - work together on possible solutions. "The PRISP data suggests that more significant changes to the game might be needed to reverse these trends". But despite the increased awareness, concussion remained the most common problem last season, accounting for 20 per cent of the total injuries at a rate of nearly one per game.

However, the report highlighted the "relatively small" number of training sessions and injuries in the study, meaning the figures should be "interpreted with caution".

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More investigation into the impact artificial grass pitches are having on the sport in England is planned with the report revealing that while there was no significant difference compared to natural grass: "The severity of match injuries on artificial turf is greater than that on natural grass, with an injury sustained on artificial turf lasting, on average, nine days more than one sustained on natural grass (natural grass, 30 days; artificial turf, 39 days)".

The most commonly reported match injury was concussion, contributing 20% of all match injuries.

The overall "burden of match injury" - a combination of both incidence and severity - now stands at the highest level since English rugby chiefs started keeping the data in 2002.

Compliance with the mandatory return to play protocols for concussion was again excellent, with no players returning to play in less than six days.

"We believe that understanding the unique interaction between a player's boot and an AGP will enable us to provide evidence-based guidance to players regarding the most appropriate boots to wear on AGPs and mitigate injury risk".

A spokesman for World Rugby said the governing body particularly welcomed the reduction in concussions, saying in a statement: "We will continue to collaborate with all unions and worldwide players on evidence-based solutions to mitigate injury risk as demonstrated via the wide-ranging programmes being implemented in 2019". "Concussion accounted for 18 per cent of all injuries to the ball carrier and 37 percent of all injuries to the tackler, which has prompted the radical idea of potentially printing a 'tackle-height line" on players" jerseys to reduce the number of high tackles.



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