XV de France: des revenants, et un naturalisé?

12 Janvier, 2019, 13:20 | Auteur: Adelaide Bullion
  • XV de France: des revenants, et un naturalisé?

"De se dire qu'on ne va peut-être pas vivre ces moments avec le groupe, c'est dommage".

Jacques Brunel avait annoncé une liste "proche du groupe qui va jouer la Coupe du monde". Et tester, à huit mois de la Coupe du monde au Japon, Paul Willemse, désormais naturalisé français. "C'est évident" a-t-il ajouté. Cinquième néophyte de cette liste, le Toulousain Dorian Aldegheri (25 ans), déjà appelé avec les Barbarians, l'antichambre des Bleus, profite quant à lui du forfait de Cedate Gomes Sa, blessé au même titre que Rabah Slimani, Yoann Maestri, Paul Gabrillagues, Mathieu Babillot, Kelian Galletier, Teddy Thomas ou encore Camille Chat. Il sera accompagné de ses coéquipiers Louis Picamoles et Yacouba Camara. Après s'être affirmé lors du Tournoi-2018, le troisième ligne avait manqué les deux échéances internationales suivantes, gravement blessé au genou droit.

Hormis le cas Willemse, d'autres joueurs pourraient-ils se glisser dans le wagon pour le Tournoi?

Tennis : un réseau de trucage de matchs démantelé en Espagne
Quinze personnes ont été arrêtées et 28 joueurs sont sous le coup d'une enquête: un réseau de trucage de matches de tennis a été démantelé en Espagne.

Dems Looking to Bring Ocasio-Cortez Under Control
GOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud called the news "hypocrisy at its finest". "She doesn't understand how the place works yet". The 29-year-old, who shockingly bested incumbent New York Rep.

Air traffic controllers sue Trump administration over government shutdown
The terminal serves United Airlines along with smaller carriers Aruba Airlines, Bahamasair, Frontier Airlines and Sun Country. The terminal will be open for morning flights each day and arrivals will continue to land in the terminal in the afternoon.

Les joueurs toulousains ont la cote.

Mais son éventuelle convocation forcerait probablement Brunel à laisser sur la touche les centres Geoffrey Doumayrou, l'un de ses hommes de confiance, ou Rémi Lamerat, qui forme la paire à Clermont avec Fofana et aurait sans doute été convoqué en novembre sans une commotion cérébrale.



Netflix faces $25 million lawsuit over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Netflix , which has avoided using the phrase " choose your own adventure " in advertising, is yet to comment publicly on the case.

Eddie Jones' controversial training methods exposed by alarming England Rugby report
Nathan Soyeux, a 23-year-old student, passed away in Dijon on Monday after suffering injuries in a game in November. The most commonly reported match injury was concussion, contributing 20% of all match injuries.

WATCH Syrian Army Repel Israeli Attack on Damascus
On that occasion an erroneous Syrian anti-aircraft missile flew into Israeli airspace, and was destroyed by Israeli air defenses. The damage from the strikes was " limited ", the news agency noted, without providing any details about possible casualties.

" "Mise à jour avec " Gun Rush " pour Red Dead Redemption 2
De nouvelles missions pour "Une terre d'opportunités" avec Horley et Jessica LeClerk, mais aussi avec de nouveaux personnages. L'éditeur new-yorkais vient en effet d'annoncer l'arrivée d'un nouveau mode pour enrichir Red Dead Online: le Gun Rush .

Second Mysterious Fast Radio Burst Detected From Outer Space
But, from whatever little data exists, most scientists do not believe that FRBs are attempts by aliens to contact us. When faced with an enigma like this, the standard scientific mantra applies: we need more data.

Thailand grants reprieve for Rahaf Alqunun as family headed for Bangkok
Ms Alqunun later tweeted the video and wrote that her "Twitter account has changed the game against what he wished for me". Rahaf took incredible risks to flee her family home and break Saudi Arabia's male guardianship rules".

GoFundMe to refund donations for border wall
He said donors will be given a choice to either receive a refund or have their contributions transferred to the new organization. - GoFundMe will refund more than $20 million in donations in an online effort to build President Donald Trump's border wall.

A 'number of fatalities' after double-decker bus crash in Ottawa
Another was wheeled on a gurney in obvious distress, wailing loudly enough to be heard on an overpass above. Ottawa Hospital's trauma center said it had received nine patients "in critical condition" from the crash.

AT&T will sever ties with location aggregators as well
As a result of the ongoing partial shutdown of the US federal government, the FTC was unable to provide a statement. T-Mobile offered a similar promise, as we noted in an update to our story on Tuesday .

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is cancer
Speculation about her future took on renewed fervor this week after she missed oral arguments for the first time in 25 years. The Supreme Court said at the time she underwent a "pulmonary lobectomy" resulting in the removal of two malignant nodules.