Trophy hunter pays $110,000 to kill and pose with rare mountain goat

14 Février, 2019, 09:31 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
  • The Astore markhor is the national animal of Pakistan and has been listed as ‘endangered’ in the past

"It was an easy and close shot".

Harlan, a mortgage banker from Plano, Texas, is seen on a trophy hunt of the threatened, but legal to kill for wealthy foreigners, screw-horn goat called an Astore markhor in the northern Himalayas.

In the YouTube video, Harlan calls Pakistan a lovely country and says more people should visit.

"What has happened in this Astore markhor hunt is a prime example of what happens when a hunter and a village come together with a common understanding of conservation", Harlan added.

A TV news station in Pakistan interviewed Harlan after the hunt: "It is an honour and privilege to be back in Pakistan". "This is the third time I am in Pakistan". I saved the markhors for the last'.

'Bryan Harlan paid $110,000 to stalk and kill a markhor goat, the national animal of Pakistan.

Mountain goats (Markhor) among the snow and rocky ledges against the white sky, large horns.

The money goes to "development of the area", it was reported.

But the high price of the hunting permit hides Pakistan's way of preserving the rare species and promoting tourism in the country.

This is so far the highest permit fee offered in the country.

The government granted one permit to Harlan to kill the rare goat.

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"It was quite an adventure", Harlan said. The U.S. now classifies the markhor as threatened instead of endangered.

By 2015, the population had increased to the point that the USA classified the markhor as "threatened" instead of "endangered".

Local hunting of the animals is illegal but Pakistan allows foreign hunters to kill 12 male goats per year with a permit.

This is a video taken before a trophy hunt in January.

Bryan Harlan posed in a picture with the Astore markhor that he shot on Tuesday in the northern Himalayan region of Bilgit-Baltistan.

Last month, two other Americans paid $100,000 and $105,000 respectively for the pleasure of hunting the animal.

The latest trophy hunter to make waves paid $110,000-a record-to kill a rare mountain goat in Pakistan.

"This is not just about hunting", he told the outlet. "It's not risky. Mexico is more unsafe than Pakistan", Harlan added speaking at an impromptu press conference following the successful hunt.

".It is not unsafe. It's not unsafe. Mexico is more risky than Pakistan", he said.

According to his LinkedIn, Harlan has finance degrees from Texas Christian University and Dallas Baptist University. Worth-based Benchmark Mortgage, according to his profile.



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