Paleontologists Report World's Biggest Tyrannosaurus Rex Found

26 Mars, 2019, 02:54 | Auteur: Therese Cote

They were discovered in Saskatchewan in 1991, but since they were embedded in some pretty solid sandstone, the excavation was a slow and painstaking process, taking over a decade.

Between then and now, scientists have carefully excavated the T. rex's fossil remains.

"This is the rex of rexes", said Scott Persons, the study's lead author and postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta.

The largest tyrannosaurus rex in the world has reportedly been discovered. "There is considerable size variability among Tyrannosaurus". Some individuals were lankier than others and some were more robust. "Scotty exemplifies the robust".

It's only recently, after several more years piecing together the specimen like a jigsaw puzzle, that paleontologists have been able to study the specimen. "He comes out a bit heftier than other T. rex specimens".

It may come from somewhat teeny tiny origins, but there's a reason T. rex became one of the most beloved extinct animals to have ever trod Earth.

It was thought that T. rex had a lifespan of around 30 years; the previous oldest ever found, Trix, had an estimated age of about 30.

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Its nickname, 'Scotty, ' is derived from the celebratory bottle of scotch that scientists drank upon discovering the behemoth.

'By which I mean, it would have had the most candles on its last birthday cake. You can get an idea of how old a dinosaur is by cutting into its bones and studying its growth patterns. "Scotty is all old growth".

Being the biggest beast in the neighborhood wasn't easy for Scotty: "By Tyrannosaurus standards, it had an unusually long life".

Scotty had a year or two on Trix - it died in its early 30s. "And it was a violent one", Dr. Persons said. "Riddled across the skeleton are pathologies - spots where scarred bone records large injuries". "Scotty has suffered from an infected jaw, broken ribs, it may even have had a chunk of its tail taken out by another tyrannosaurus".

"I think there will always be bigger discoveries to be made".

A new exhibit featuring Scotty is set to open in May at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.


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