Ministry of Health alerts people to measles outbreaks

18 Mai, 2019, 05:00 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • Ministry of Health alerts people to measles outbreaks

Sierra Leone's ministry of health and sanitation in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, GAVI and other health development partners will soon commence a nationwide Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign, aiming to reach over 3 million children with lifesaving intervention, starting Monday June 10th - Sunday June 16th, 2019. Because of a growing fear and misunderstanding of what vaccines can do, including the unfounded link between vaccination and autism, the measles vaccination rate has gone down, and we are now having to face the consequences of the recent unprecedented measles outbreak. "We have a safe, effective and low-cost vaccine against a highly contagious disease - a vaccine that has saved nearly a million lives every year over the last two decades", Henrietta Fore, UNICEF's Executive Director, said.

"As you make your plans for travel, ensure checking vaccination records is on your list", Dr. Rachel Herlihy, state communicable disease epidemiologist in Colorado, told The Denver Post.

"Measles elimination" has been described by the CDC as the absence of continuous disease transmission for 12 months or more in a specific geographic area.

Health officials say vaccination is the best prevention for measles.

The health agency is sharing a lot of information, but is encouraging those who need the measles vaccine to visit their health care providers. When you get measles vaccine, your immune system makes protective virus-fighting antibodies against the harmless vaccine virus.

Those who are traveling internationally to areas where measles is a concern, including adults, are urged to check that they are protected. The MMR vaccine is very safe and effective.

"So Western European countries like Italy, France, and England, to a lesser extent, have had large anti-vaccine movements and have subsequently developed a reservoir of measles", says Dr. Beaulieu.

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Q: What is a vaccine injury, and how often does it happen?

Patients who believe they've been harmed by vaccines can file a petition with the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

The center does keep a database where doctors, nurses, vaccine manufacturers, or members of the public can report adverse effects after a vaccination. But just because someone reports an injury after getting a shot does not mean that injury was caused by the vaccination.

According to the CDC, minor reactions to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine include fevers, rashes, swollen glands, and soreness at the injection site.

There is no scientific evidence showing that vaccines cause autism, and the vaccine court has never compensated a petitioner claiming that a vaccine caused autism. "It's probably more serious in adults than in children".

Q: When is a quarantine necessary? There was no noise about it despite the fact that vaccines or precisely not getting them in time can actually affect a whole generation of children. Those who have potentially been exposed, such as unvaccinated students attending a school where there's been at least one confirmed case, are typically quarantined for three weeks at the discretion of their local health department. The situation is alarming not only in still developing countries like India but in many developed countries of the Europe, United Kingdom and even the United States.

More than 70 people, including four from OR, were diagnosed as part of a months-long outbreak in the Pacific Northwest that public health officials just recently declared over. Those people should be isolated for four days after a rash develops.



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