Hubble Space Telescope Takes Detailed Portrait of Jupiter

09 Août, 2019, 20:37 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Hubble Space Telescope Takes Detailed Portrait of Jupiter

Regardless, the Jupiter storm is still large enough to swallow our planet whole. In the image, we can see the iconic Gret Red Spot that is a giant storm that has been raging on Jupiter for many decades.

An awesome new image of Jupiter captured by the Hubble Space Telescope could shed light on the gas giant's mysterious atmospheric dynamics.

Each year, the Hubble Space Telescope spends some time looking at the outer planets of our solar system.

Among the unanswered questions is Jupiter's great red spot, perhaps the best known "landmark" on the planet's highly volatile surface atmosphere. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and despite being named after the Roman king of the gods, Jupiter is commonly known as the Gas Giant. This huge anticyclonic storm is roughly the diameter of Earth and is rolling counterclockwise between two bands of clouds that are moving in opposite directions toward it. The planet's Great Red Spot stands out.

This global map of Jupiter released by NASA on August 8, 2019 was created using imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Scientist have no idea why the Great Red Spot is shrinking and continue to observe Jupiter try and learn why. This newest view revealed a "more intense color palette" than seen in other years, STScI officials said, adding that changes in the colors show variations in processes happening in the atmosphere.

The Hubble image also highlights Jupiter's distinct parallel cloud bands. Bands cover much of the planet, but they tend to stay in place, even while changing color, due to jet streams constantly screaming through Jupiter's atmosphere at up to 400 miles per hour (644 km/h).

"Jupiter's upper atmosphere is a riot of colourful clouds, contained in bands that whisk along at different wind speeds and in alternating directions".

Jupiter's bands, which are developed by differences in thickness and height of ammonia ice clouds, are confined to the north and south by jet streams that don't change, even if the bands start to vary in color. "Researchers have observed cyclones with a wide variety of different appearances across the planet". Much smaller storms appear on Jupiter as white or brown ovals that can last as little as a few hours or stretch on for centuries.



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