China virus outbreak linked to seafood market

13 Janvier, 2020, 14:35 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
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Sharing the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus is of great importance for other countries' development of specific diagnostic kits, the World Health Organization said, adding that the quality of ongoing investigations and the response measures implemented in Wuhan are reassuring.

Reports on suspected cases in Singapore and South Korea have been said to be unrelated to the China outbreak.

Since Wuhan is a major domestic and global transport hub, authorities are carrying out regular inspections and health checks to contain the outbreak.

After the completion of lab tests, a total of 41 cases of this mysterious viral pneumonia have been diagnosed. Seven are in severe condition, one died.

But Tian, a tourist from another metropolis around three hours' drive away, chose to make the trip despite trepidation from his family over reports of a mysterious pneumonia outbreak. Previously, there was speculation that the mystery illness was related to the SARS epidemic in China in the latter half of 2002 that killed roughly 350 people.

As of Wednesday evening, the new coronavirus had been detected in 15 of those cases, CCTV reported.

During the past week, we reported that there's a new virus freaking people out in China. The sequencing of the virus identified it as belonging to the coronavirus group, the same group in which SARS and MERS belong.

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Coronaviruses, which originate in bats but can infect a number of animals, are famed for being able to jump from animals to people.

The Wuhan outbreak has been tied to a large seafood market that also sells the meat of exotic animals.

Experts from the central Chinese National Health Commission said the outbreak in Wuhan might have begun in a seafood market. The only death case was a patient with other underlying health conditions.

Regarding early prospects for testing, Menachery noted that the nucleocapsid protein for coronaviruses is highly conserved across coronavirus families, and the N protein of nCoV is about 90% conserved with the SARS N protein.

The WHO has not recommended any particular measures for travelers to take, and has advised against any travel or trade restrictions on China based on the current information known about the outbreak.

Another 717 people deemed to be in close contact with the patients remain under medical observation, the authority said. Earlier this week, they announced that they had isolated and fully sequenced the virus, setting off calls for full release of the details. As of now, no reports claim a single direct transmission between humans.

Such tools are urgently needed during outbreaks.



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