The astronauts played tennis in zero gravity

25 Août, 2018, 11:45 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Astronauts will attempt to play tennis in the International Space Station

The truly out-of-this world tennis match took place above Earth in the morning hours of Wednesday, August 22, aboard the orbital laboratory.

Everyone can watch tennis the game of the astronauts on the network tonight. The match was attended by Andrew Feustel, Ricky Arnold, the Serine Augen-Chancellor and Alexander Gerst.

"Tennis is one of my favorite games, previously said Feustel". So it's going to be challenging.

Even more, NASA astronaut Andrew Fuestel will get the honor to be prepared for the game by the 2009 US Open men's singles champion, Juan Martin del Potro, now ranked the third in the world. "We want to help them relate their lives and experiences to those of space explorers and help them realize that as young athletes, they can aspire to do great things".

"We rocketed two mini Net Generation racquets and balls to Feustel on the ISS", Amy Choyne, chief marketing officer with the USTA, said in a news release.

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They were lucky because clouds are so common in the area, NASA says, images of the region are not often acquired from the space station.

Commander Feustel said ahead of the match: "The fact that we don't have gravity is hard". "Balls won't bounce, and gravity has no effect". He says the crew might have to invent some new rules. Before the match, however, Feustel got some advice from Juan Martín del Potro, who is now ranked third in the world for men's singles.

The game was projected onto the so-called Unisphere - a giant metal globe statue in Corona Park, just outside the tennis complex.

Today in Earth orbit will be a historic event - the ISS astronauts first time playing tennis in space. But Feustel was well-prepared: He is a lifelong tennis fan, and he got some pre-match tips from professional tennis player Juan M. del Potro, which he described on Twitter.



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