Leave.EU's Arron Banks Referred To National Crime Agency By Electoral Commission

01 Novembre, 2018, 19:54 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
  • Leave.EU's Arron Banks Referred To National Crime Agency By Electoral Commission

On Thursday, Arron Banks was referred to Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA), the body that investigates serious and organized crime, by Britain's Electoral Commission.

Without mentioning allegations of Russian money or interference in the campaign, the commission said it had reason to believe a number of criminal offenses may have been committed.

The Electoral Commission, an independent body set up to ensure electoral rules are respected, said its investigation had focused on the £2-million reported to have been loaned to BFTC by Banks and his insurance companies.

'This is significant because at least £2.9 million of this money was used to fund referendum spending and donations during the regulated period of the European Union referendum.

"While electoral law offences would not routinely fall within the NCA's remit, the nature of the necessary inquiries and the potential for offences to have been committed other than under electoral law lead us to consider an NCA investigation appropriate in this instance", the NCA said in a statement.

Banks is accused of falsely claiming to be the source of £8 million that was loaned to the campaign group Better For The Country and put towards Leave.EU campaigning leading up to the 2016 vote.

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Loans to Better for the Country, on behalf of Leave.EU involved a non-qualifying or impermissible company - Rock Holdings Limited, which is incorporated in the Isle of Man.

Mr Banks said he was confident the investigation would "put an end to the ludicrous allegations" against him.

There is no evidence of any wrongdoing from the companies I own. "Isn't it amusing that none of the financial contributions made by George Soros to British political campaigns are ever subject to any level of scrutiny by the Electoral Commission despite his being a foreign national", Banks said. The National Crime Agency has now launched a criminal investigation.

He promised he had not received any foreign money and that he is a United Kingdom taxpayer.

The findings prompted the Commission to refer Banks and Bilney, together with other individuals and the organisations involved, to the National Crime Agency.

Better for the Country, which was not registered campaigner for the EU referendum, ran Leave.EU's campaign on its behalf.



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