NASA simulate asteroid hitting New York City

09 Mai, 2019, 04:38 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • NASA simulate asteroid hitting New York City

As the conference experts considered the logistics of evacuating 10 million people from the New York City metropolitan area - a densely populated metropolis bottlenecked by bridges and tunnels - they were quickly overwhelmed.

In an attempt to pull off a feat so far seen only in science fiction films, NASA is planning to launch a spacecraft aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that will hit a small moonlet in the binary asteroid system Didymos in September 2022.

NASA simulated the terrifying scenario of attempting to stop an asteroid from hitting earth, but in process breaking off a fragment that hurtles towards NY and forces an evacuation of the entire city.

"It was a worst-case scenario showing what would happen if a giant space rock crashed into Earth in 2027", according to USA Today.

NASA is taking the threat of an asteroid impact seriously. Then by the end of the year, astronomers confirmed that the asteroid will hit Denver and destroy the city completely.

This is one of the questions astronomers and engineers attempted to answer during the conference with a simulation exercise of an asteroid barreling to Earth. The launch was slated for August 2024.

However, that deflection resulted in a 165 to 260 foot (50 to 80 meter) fragment breaking off the asteroid.

While the country initially planned to deflect the 197-foot rock, political strife curtailed the plans. The idea was to see if mankind could find a way to prevent a deadly impact if we had something like eight years to prepare for it.

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NY gets completely wiped out in a NASA simulation of an asteroid strike.

Boffins calculated that the blast was 1,000 times more powerful than the nuke dropped on Hiroshima during World War 2. Moving people to safety from hurricanes has shown the task's difficulty. "You're going to have fleets of U-hauls", said Brandy Johnson, an "angry citizen" in the exercise, referring to the rental moving trucks. Who will pay for the evacuation and host those displaced by it? How will authorities protect everything from nuclear and chemical installations to works of art?

Victoria Andrews, NASA planetary defence department, said: "If you knew your home was going to be destroyed six months from now, and that you weren't going back again, would you keep paying your mortgage?"

Participants debated insurance and legal issues at length: the United States did save Denver, but accidentally destroyed NY.

"In this situation, under global law, the United States, regardless of fault, as the launching state, would absolutely be liable to pay compensation", explained Haddaji.

Of course, the odds that a killer asteroid will smash into one of the world's biggest metropolises, rather than the ocean or a less-populated region, are much smaller - but the scientists who created the scenario just couldn't help themselves.

"But we wanted the issues to be exposed and discussed".



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