Overwatch Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

05 Septembre, 2019, 01:41 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Overwatch Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Overwatch is expected to be released on the Nintendo Switch as early as October 15 in North America.

What surprises do you expect will be revealed during tomorrow's Nintendo Direct? This leak was further boosted by Kotaku, who claimed the Overwatch announcement would be a part of the Nintendo Direct on September 4. It'll last around 40 minutes. The Direct will kick off at 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET, and you'll be able to find it in all of the usual places - through the YouTube stream embedded above or over on Nintendo Twitch's page. Games on show will include Pokémon Sword & Shield and Luigi's Mansion 3.

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Overwatch is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. And it wouldn't be a Nintendo Direct if there wasn't a hint at the future, be it Metroid Prime 4 or something totally out of left field. With 40 mins to quilt there is a lot will also be printed, so lovers may not need to leave out it.Are you excited for the subsequent Nintendo Direct? A Nintendo Switch case featuring Overwatch branding and colors was very briefly listed on one of the world's largest digital retailers before the listing was pulled. It's the 2019 lineup it seems, so don't expect Animal Crossing or Bayonetta 3 unfortunately.

So this is just as much a guess as anyone else's, but we wouldn't be shocked if Overwatch stuck to that October 18 release date in the West. There is a wide selection of indie titles and third-party games set to hit the Nintendo Switch before the end of the year as well, but those are the three heavy hitters.



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