The worlds of X-Men and Avengers collide

16 Septembre, 2019, 09:23 | Auteur: Christine Menetries
  • Spider-Mans exit from MCU due to Sony Disney dispute a tragic mistake says Endgame director Joe Russo

He then brings up the Avengers Initiative.

Disney and Marvel Studios hold the rights to the comic book characters in the cinematic universe, however Sony own the on-screen rights to Spider-Man.

Fury talks about the "gamma accidents", "radioactive bug bites" and "assorted mutants" before going on to complain that now he has to deal with a spoiled brat (which would be Tony) who does not play well with others and wishes to keep all his toys to himself. However, it turns out that a different draft of Fury's monologue teased the existence of X-Men and Spider-Man, nearly a decade before Disney would acquire Marvel and subsequently acquire the film rights to the X-Men franchise, as well as share film rights with Sony.

That's right: there was a version of that pivotal post-credits scene in Iron Man where Nick Fury kinda sorta name-dropped the X-Men, as well as Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk.

Marvel fans will remember the first MCU end credits scene at the end of Iron Man back in 2008. And that line works much better by being vague, allowing fans to imagine just how big this universe is while also allowing Marvel Studios to let it grow into what it would eventually become. Check out Feige's comments in the video below.

"Le président Ben Ali est très malade" — Mounir Ben Salha
Il avait fui le 14 janvier 2011 dans des conditions rocambolesques vers l'Arabie Saoudite, où il vit depuis avec sa famille. C'est ce qu'indique une nouvelle fois, l'avocat de Ben Ali qui relaie un message de Halima Ben Ali.

Kevin Hart released from the hospital 10 days after auto accident
TMZ reports that he is now at a live-in rehab facility where he will undergo intense physical therapy. News in a statement that Hart is "expected to have a full recovery very soon".

Boris Johnson 'won't be deterred' from Brexit on 31 October
The Prime Minister did not react as one man was heard telling him: "Find a deal here - this is Doncaster, not Europe". Mr O'Neill told the court that his clients wanted to give Mr Johnson seven days to lodge answers to their petition.

But as yet, the arrangement stands dissolved due to disagreements and Spider-Man: Far From Home may be the last time we see Tom Holland's wall crawler in the MCU. Feige first made mention of this DVD box set, which ostensibly includes all of the movies from the first decade of the MCU ending with Avengers: Endgame, back in August. "And it'll take more than a couple of really, really bad scenes to turn you". There are things that we think nobody should ever see.

"We know how hard that marriage was to make in the first place, so the fact that the marriage fell apart isn't that surprising to me and Joe". That is not great, it certainly shouldn't be in the movie, but I love seeing it.

'He kind of looked after me and took me under his wing a little bit.

Stay tuned to find out when The Infinity Saga box set will be available for purchase.


  • Le Havre cale, Rodez et Auxerre régalent

    Le Havre cale, Rodez et Auxerre régalent

    Tenu en échec par une équipe parisienne solide en défense, Le Havre perd deux points dans son objectif de montée en Ligue 1 (0-0). Parisiens et Havrais ont fini à dix puisque Pape Gueye (85e) Mohammed Rabiu (45e) ont été exclus.
    Bras de fer autour de l'enterrement de l'ex-président Mugabe — Zimbabwe

    Bras de fer autour de l'enterrement de l'ex-président Mugabe — Zimbabwe

    Soutenue par une frange du parti au pouvoir, l'ex-première dame convoitait alors ouvertement la succession de son nonagénaire de mari.
    USA  revises definition of vaping-related illness

    USA revises definition of vaping-related illness

    At least 10 people in Tennessee are receiving treatment for a mysterious lung illness that could be connected to vaping. A probable case is someone who developed a lung illness after vaping and underwent some testing.
  • A Full Moon On Friday The 13th: 'Once In A Blue Moon'

    A Full Moon On Friday The 13th: 'Once In A Blue Moon'

    This is because the Harvest Moon will peak before midnight on Friday 13th in some parts of the planet. But the exact day this moon will officially be full varies depending on which time zone you are in.
    Facebook's libra is a threat to the sovereignty of nation states

    Facebook's libra is a threat to the sovereignty of nation states

    LEGAL LIMBO Meanwhile, European Union authorities are sending Facebook a clear message that Libra is not welcome in Europe. Perez maintained that Libra association was in constant dialogues with regulators and central banks.
    Rafael Nadal digs dip to clinch dramatic US Open victory

    Rafael Nadal digs dip to clinch dramatic US Open victory

    It also, Nadal said, made "this day unforgettable, part of my history". "I hope I grew a lot doing these things". It was a great tussle and a fitting way to mark the end of a great decade in men's tennis at the majors.
  • Dazzling Dortmund crushes Leverkusen to go back into top spot

    Dazzling Dortmund crushes Leverkusen to go back into top spot

    But Manchester City might even be tempted to bring him back. "English, young, hungry and talented, that's all I need to know". The Ivorian winger has also proven himself tough to defend against with a Premier League-high 15 take-ons completed.
    Eddie Money dead at 70, Variety reports

    Eddie Money dead at 70, Variety reports

    The Moneys had five children, Zachary, Jessica, Joseph, Desmond, and Julian. Money dealt with an array of health struggles throughout his life.
    U.S. appeals court rules against Trump in foreign payments case

    U.S. appeals court rules against Trump in foreign payments case

    But, if Trump appeals, as is expected, the case could go to the full Second Circuit - and after that, to the Supreme Court. The Justice Department, which is representing Trump in this case, did not immediately respond to a request for comment .
  • Un nouveau partenaire intronisé avec Neymar — PSG

    Un nouveau partenaire intronisé avec Neymar — PSG

    Le club a fait beaucoup de chemin ces dernières années, devenant une marque mondiale respectée et aimée dans le monde entier. En effet, dans un communiqué officiel, le club parisien annonce un nouveau partenariat.
    Interstellar Object May Have Entered Our Solar System

    Interstellar Object May Have Entered Our Solar System

    Hainaut told Business Insider , "Here we have something that was born around another star and travelling toward us. Although many astronomers are excited about C/2019 Q4, more work has to be done to confirm it as interstellar.
    First distant planet with water vapor in atmosphere detected

    First distant planet with water vapor in atmosphere detected

    Astronomers have detected water vapour in the atmosphere of another planet in a habitable zone for the first time. A NASA tally now lists more than 4,000 confirmed exoplanets and another 4,000 potential candidates.


MoviePass is effectively dead and will shut down September 14
Although it failed, MoviePass did show other businesses that movie theater subscriptions could be a viable business. In December, the company announced that it was changing its prices once again , this time adopting a tiered plan.

Operation Yellowhammer: PM urged to recall Parliament
He said he had "absolutely not" misled the queen - whose formal approval was needed to suspend Parliament - about his motives. But many lawmakers, campaigners, economists and businesses fear that a no-deal Brexit would be economically devastating.

Elle consomme une soupe périmée et finit paralysée — Essonne
Leurs craintes se sont confirmées lors de l'analyse de la soupe qui se trouvait encore dans le réfrigérateur de la victime. Malgré ce constat, au regard de la gravité de la maladie , le mode de production de la société a été passé au crible.

Jennifer Lopez wants son to walk her down the aisle
The Hustlers star revealed that her 11-year-old son Max will walk her down the aisle. Lopez's critically praised new film Hustlers opens in theaters September 13.

Christophe Galtier dispose d'un arsenal pour écarter Angers — LOSC
Ce vendredi, le match d'ouverture de la 5e journée de Ligue 1 opposera Lille à Angers sur la pelouse du stade Pierre-Mauroy. Le LOSC a encaissé seulement 3 buts lors de ses 10 derniers matchs à domicile en Ligue 1 Conforama, obtenant 7 clean sheets.

Three Vietnamese universities enter Times Higher Education rankings
Among the highest ranked of the three Nigerian universities is Covenant University which was ranked at number 401. In the top 20, most schools are located in either the US or the UK.

Cold case breakthrough: Google Maps finds U.S. man missing for two decades
It took more than two decades, but a missing man's remains have been found after a submerged auto was spotted on Google Earth . Investigators found the remains of William Earl Moldt inside a vehicle submerged in a lake 22 years after he went missing.

Water found on potentially habitable planet for the first time
The researchers said they clearly saw the signature for water vapor in the atmosphere when they put the data through algorithms. Scientists have made the first successful detection of an atmosphere with water vapour around the exoplanet K2-18 b.

Texas Lawmaker to Beto O'Rourke: 'My AR Is Ready for You'
A spokesman for Mr O'Rourke said the Texas state legislator had been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation . Secret Service said Friday that O'Rourke is not now under the agency's protection and declined to comment further.

Justify failed drug test before winning Triple Crown in 2018
Scopolamine, also known as hyoscine, is banned in horse racing because it can improve horses' breathing and heart-rate. The documents reviewed by the Times showed no evidence of tampering by Justify's owners.