There's A New Formula To Calculate Your Dog's Age, Says Study

22 Novembre, 2019, 23:07 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Researcher Daniel Promislow and a few of the younger study members

"Comparison with human methylomes reveals a nonlinear relationship which translates dog to human years, aligns the timing of major physiological milestones between the two species, and extends to mice", the study said.

They compared dog data from 104 Labradors, aged up to 16 years, to already published methylation profiles from 320 humans, aged 1 to 103, in addition to those of 133 mice.

They can be used to measure the age in humans and dogs in a process known as the epigenetic clock.

In the new paper on dog years, which has yet to be peer reviewed and is now posted on the preprint server bioRxiv, a team led by Tina Wang of the University of California, San Diego, compared the epigenetic clocks in people to canines to better understand the genes associated with aging. Researchers found that humans and pups age most similarly in their youth, and realign in their elderly years.

That means that if you want to calculate your dog's age in human years now, you will have to take the natural logarithm of your dogs age, multiply it by 16 and add 31. More studies analyzing methylation are needed to figure out lifespan for different breeds - and different animals, they wrote.

The researchers say it works well for young dogs, but less well for the period between adolescence and middle age, as dogs reach puberty far faster than humans. So, your 12-year-old dog is about 71 in human years. They're actually closer to 70 in dog years.

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The equivalent ages, according to the calculator, are below.

It's actually more like a clock - the epigenetic clock, to be exact.

Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks - but scientists have found a new trick to determine the age of old dogs.

This formula is not the last word on dog years, however, especially since it only looked at one breed.

They have created a new formula for calculating the relative age of a dog compared to a human, based on the rate that molecules are added to DNA. After that, each year of a dog's life is equivalent to five human years. Plus, the formula won't be as reliable for breeds that tend to have a shorter life span than Labs. The new equation is based on chemical changes to a dog's DNA. And 500 lucky dogs will test out a new drug that may help slow the aging process, which could help us someday, too.



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