Tesla's Elon Musk Takes The Cybertruck Out For A Spin In Malibu

09 Décembre, 2019, 23:55 | Auteur: Auguste Feret
  • Elon Musk could face retrial in 'pedo guy' case

That would put a launch date for the ATV at the same time as the dual motor and tri-motor Cybertruck in late 2021.

The red light that can be seen in the video is actually a left turn indicator for the traffic on Pacific Coast Highway, meaning that although Cybertruck did drive in front of opposing traffic while other vehicles had the right-of-way, he was technically completing a legal maneuver in doing so.

Until now, only one major sighting of the vehicle had been witnessed in the wild.

The Cybertruck was spotted again later that evening driving on the 405 Freeway, and a video capturing the moment was posted to YouTube claiming that the billionaire was still behind the wheel.

A representative for Musk did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment on the manoeuvre.

The Cybertruck's tires are wider than the body, something also not allowed for new vehicles. The Cybertruck will have a base model starting at $39,900 and a deluxe option priced at $69,900. Production is estimated for 2021 or 2022.

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The vehicle was unveiled on November 21 and attracted at least 250,000 refundable deposits of $100 each, according to Musk, who has continued to discuss the truck on Twitter.

"Huge thanks to everyone who contributed ideas to Cybertruck. It's better because of you!"

The excitement around the electric ATV may even spawn another member of the Tesla family, says Musk.

"Two seater electric ATV created to work with Cybertruck will be fun!" Electric dirt bikes would be cool too.

Not road bikes though, it seems: "We won't do road bikes, as too unsafe". There's no desire for road bikes, however, as the Tesla boss shared he "almost died" after a truck hit him on a motorcycle at age 17.



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