Thunberg tells Davos her climate strike is 'just the beginning'

22 Janvier, 2020, 13:52 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Thunberg underlined the message that has inspired millions around the world- that governments are failing to wake up to the reality of climate change

The US President was later confronted on whether he had a message for climate change activists like Greta Thunberg, who is also attending the conference.

At a panel in the Swiss ski resort, climate campaigners expressed hope their generation could work with those in power to bring about the change needed to limit global warming even as Ms Thunberg - a vocal critic of leaders' inaction - said not enough has been done. Trump has mocked Thunberg on Twitter. The climate crisis was the top priority for this year's forum.

Ivanka Trump declined to answer questions from CNN about her father's impeachment trial, despite having several opportunities to do so.

"We need to start listening to the science and treat this crisis with the importance it deserves", said the 17-year-old, just as Mr Trump was arriving in Davos.

"Today I'm proud to declare that the United States is in the midst of a economic boon, the likes of which the world has never seen before", he said.

"We've regained our stride, rediscovered our spirit and we've reawakened the powerful machinery of American enterprise".

He claimed this had been achieved by putting U.S. citizens first and addressing the "decades-long failure" of the global trade system.

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The key fact here being that this would not be able to be calculated before the November election date. Some are calling for significant policy changes to deal with climate change.

Late a year ago, the Trump administration began pulling the United States out of the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement under which almost 200 nations set goals to lower emissions of heat-trapping gasses that lead to climate change.

"There's 400 gigatons now, in the 3 trillion trees, and if you were to scale that up by another trillion trees that's in the order of hundreds of gigatons captured from the atmosphere-at least 10 years of anthropogenic emissions completely wiped out", Crowther said.

The president repeated his grievances with the Fed, saying it raised rates too quickly and lowered them too slowly. Trump didn't name Thunberg during his speech, but called "alarmist" activists "the heirs of yesterday's foolish fortune tellers".

He's slated to sit down with Barham Salih, the Iraqi president; Imran Khan, the Pakistani prime minister; Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission; and Nechirvan Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

On Tuesday night, Trump met with executives from 25 multinational companies and organizations over dinner. He leaves Davos on Wednesday. Trump also announced that the United States would be joining the One Trillion Trees Initiative, promising that Washington will "continue to show strong leadership in restoring, growing, and better managing our trees and our forests".

Hanging over the trip this time, however, is his impeachment trial set to formally begin in the Senate.



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