Russian satellites trailing U.S. spy satellite in orbit, Space Force says

14 Février, 2020, 00:49 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • U.S. Space Force confirms Russia chasing multibillion-dollar U.S. spy satellite

Furthermore, both Russian objects could see several sides of United States of America 245 because of the character of their orbits - inducing satellite trackers to speculate Kosmos 2542 and Kosmos 2543 were scrutinizing U.S. 245. The US authorities through diplomatic channels, Moscow has expressed its concern over the situation, said the General.

According to General Raymond, Russia launched a satellite that subsequently released a second satellite in space in November, adding that the pair of satellites appear to be behaving similarly to another set of satellites that Russia has labeled "inspector satellites". The NRO is an agency within the Department of Defense and one of the five major US intelligence agencies. General Raymond, who is the Chief of Space Operations, wasted no time in telling the world that Russian Federation could be aggressively pursuing one of the United States' top military satellites. "These activities don't reflect the behavior of responsible space faring nations".

The Space Force's mandate is to improve protection of US satellites and other space assets, rather than to put troops in orbit to conduct combat in outer space. By the middle of January, Kosmos 2542 and Kosmos 2543 had moved in orbit and were closing in on US 245. He also called out Russian Federation for developing technologies that could potentially harm Americain space systems. The spacecraft was launched by Russian Federation in November and was initially just one satellite, Kosmos 2542, and was not close to the U.S. satellite.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in December that a maneuver by the satellites - in which one satellite "birthed" another resulting in two satellites - was an experiment to assess the "technical condition of domestic satellites", according to the Russian news agency TASS. In a statement Monday (Feb. 10), General John Raymond said the satellites exhibited the "characteristics of a weapon".

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Russian spacecraft are trailing a US satellite used to spy on other countries, the commander of the US Space Force told TIME Magazine.

Two weeks after the launch of Kosmos 2542, the satellite launched another satellite, named Kosmos 2543.

Prior to the Kosmos launch, the Russian Defense Minister announced the satellite would be used to inspect other spacecraft, but it was presumed it would be checking other Russian space hardware and not USA spy satellites.

This is reportedly the first time that the US military has publicly revealed a threat from another country to one of its spacecraft.



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