Type coronavirus causes pneumonia in Wuhan

15 Février, 2020, 18:27 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • Type coronavirus causes pneumonia in Wuhan

However, an employee who identified herself as a senior engineer said she knew nothing about the virus.

After identifying a new form of coronavirus (the family that Sars belongs to), scientists have now sequenced its genome, and fifteen people have tested positive for the virus.

However, the health experts in Wuhan said that this is not SARS - not even Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) or bird flu - but a strain of pneumonia virus that was never seen before.

"For the next step, we will need to conduct further research and examinations based on etiological research, epidemiological investigation, and clinical symptoms", Xu said.

"It may take years for researchers to develop medicines and vaccines", the report said.

The WHO's statement issued on Thursday said that the Chinese authorities believed the disease "does not transmit readily between people", but noted that it could cause severe illness in some patients.

The first cases of the illness were reported last week in Wuhan, and, on Sunday, neighboring Hong Kong announced more suspected cases as people returning from Wuhan were found to have fever and respiratory symptoms. There are six known human coronaviruses, four of which are commonly affected in humans, generally causing only mild respiratory symptoms similar to the common cold.

A man wears a mask to protect himself in Bejing during the 2003 SARS epidemic
A man wears a mask to protect himself in Bejing during the 2003 SARS epidemic

Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan have also increased checks after 21, eight, and seven cases of the mystery disease were confirmed there.

Coronavirus is a pathogen that can cause illness in the respiratory or digestive tracks.

"What do we do to prepare for this future?" he said. In January, officials still expressed concern that infectious diseases like these could spread more rapidly when hundreds of millions of people were on the move, The pathogens occur in humans and in the animal world.

The WHO declared China free of the SARS virus in, although it criticized the Chinese government's initial attempt to cover up the crisis.

Earlier statements from the Wuhan Municipal Health Authority said there has been no person-to-person spread, but disease experts challenged that claim, saying it is impossible to rule out at this stage in the exploration of a new disease.

The unidentified woman, who works for a South Korean company near capital Seoul, has experienced cough and fever since returning from a five-day trip to the Chinese city of Xiamen on December 30, the KCDC said in a press release. "The cost of one birth-in itself the most common reason for a woman to be hospitalized in her lifetime-is now more than the typical woman earns in a month".

Ren said she also regarded the relatively high number of infections in Hong Kong with suspicion, given that there had been no reports of cases anywhere in between the two cities, in the southern province of Guangdong, for example.

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