Google Celebrates Leap Day With Doodle

29 Février, 2020, 08:10 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
  • Joy Harris

The name of the paper translates to "sapper's candle" who was a character from an old French comic book born on a leap day. So first we were 24 days off in 100 years, now we're down to 18 hours, so we're getting closer!

"None of these cycles divide evenly with one another, or are multiples of one another, so that presents a challenge", said Kenneth Coles, a professor of geoscience at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

One of the earliest calendars to deal with the differences between time and the seasons was developed under the rule of Julius Caesar in 68 BC.

It takes the Earth approximately 365.2425 days to orbit the sun and, as a result, leap days exist to keep the Gregorian calendar in sync with the seasons.

Leap Year babies, called "leaplings", only get a real birthday once every four years. In just a few hundred years, Americans would be watching the leaves fall while celebrating the Fourth of July. "Once I enter the year, I can then go back and change the day to the correct one, February 29".

The actual word for adding an extra day to a calendar is "intercalation", but that doesn't sound half as good as "leap year" does.

The year 2020 is a leap year and Google Doodle today is celebrating Leap Day that occurs every four years.

The Julian calendar was good, but not flawless. It created slightly too many leap days, enough that the date drifted one day ahead every 128 years. Then, he deleted 10 days from October of 1582 and ruined a bunch of Libras' birthdays.

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Under the Gregorian calendar a leap year must be able to be divided by 4 and by 100.

Is 2020 a leap year?

The eastern orthodox church uses another calendar known as the revised Julian calendar. The only times we'll actually do this is if it falls on the start of a century UNLESS that year is divisible by 400.

"Which is nearly, but not exactly the same as 365.24219, but it's close enough that for hundreds, if not thousands, of years it will be bang on before starting to drift".

That hasn't stopped people from thinking about how to make it better.

What are leap years and why do we have them?

His proposal has yet to be adopted. Well, it's a pretty complicated scenario that we'll try and explain in a little more detail through this post, but the simplest answer is that the earth's yearly trip around our star isn't as clean and tidy as we want it to be!



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