Cannibalism on Rise Among Polar Bears

01 Mars, 2020, 01:43 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Cannibalism on Rise Among Polar Bears

A Russian scientist reveals the animals are feeding on each other in the Arctic as melting ice and fossil fuel extraction destroys their habit.

'We state that cannibalism in polar bears is increasing'.

'The Gulf of Ob was always a hunting ground for the polar bear.

Polar bears are quitting their usual hunting grounds because they have transformed into busy routes for ships carrying LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Mordvintsev said.

"In some seasons there is not enough food and large males attack females with cubs", he continued.

The rise in cannibalism incidents, according to the researcher, could also be due in part to an increase in human activity in the Arctic who are there to witness the horrific events.

He further reportedly emphasised that the upsurge of cases of polar bears hunting down their own for food was not confined to the knowledge of the scientists, but also the employees of the oil and gas company reported it, as well as the Defence Ministry, he added. "Now it has broken ice all year round", Mordvintsev said.

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The industry's use of forward-looking infrared imagery (FLIR) located only 45% of the 33 polar bear dens in the study area, a 224-km (139 mi) stretch of Beaufort Sea coastline extending east and west of Prudhoe Bay, the research found.

PBI has six simple ways anyone can help protect the future of Earth's polar bears, and none of them include a trip to the Arctic.

Incidentally, it was only on Tuesday, Feb. 25, when researchers from San Diego Zoo Global noted that shrinking sea ice has been creating an "ecological trap" for polar bears, a scenario wherein rapid environmental change causes an organism settles for a poor quality habitat where conditions are less than ideal.

According to The Guardian and AFP, Vladimir Sokolov, another Russian scientist, says that this year polar bears have mainly been hurt by unusually warm weather on Spitsbergen Island in Norway's Svalbard archipelago, a haven for polar bears.

Over the last quarter-century, Arctic ice levels by the end of summer have fallen by 40 percent, said Sokolov.

TO celebrate International Polar Bear Day, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park has shared new footage of two-year-old Hamish and mum Victoria enjoying icy treats.

Russians living in Arctic settlements have sounded the alarm over dozens of bears entering areas of human habitation, particularly to raid rubbish dumps for food.



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