COVID-19 can spread even before people show symptoms

17 Mars, 2020, 15:39 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • Doctor who contracted coronavirus reveals what it's really been like day-to-day 	        	       Learn more about the symptoms of COVID-19

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. According to the paper, more than one in 10 infections were from people who had the virus but did not yet feel sick. In the US, 60 percent of adults have at least one underlying health condition and 42 percent have two or more. It took nine days after the 27-year-old woman jetted into the country for her to present to hospital with symptoms mimicking those of Covid-19.

The majority of the dispersing comes from droplets produced when an infected individual coughs, which can be inhaled by people nearby. Transmission from touching contaminated surfaces hasn't been shown yet, though recent tests by USA scientists suggest it's possible - one reason they recommend washing your hands and not touching your face. Cleaning surfaces with solutions containing diluted bleach should kill it.

The speed of an epidemic depends on two things - how many people each case infects and how long it takes cases to spread. It spreads more readily than influenza but less than measles, tuberculosis or any other respiratory ailments.

In response to the spread of misinformation, the World Health Organization put together a team to track myths and rumours about the virus and dispel them with facts. A study of 1,099 patients in China found that 0.9 percent of the cases were younger than 15. About 15 percent develop severe disease, including pneumonia, Chinese scientists reported from 45,000 cases there. Symptoms usually begin slowly and frequently worsen as the disease continues.

In a report last week on the first 12 patients in the US, seven were hospitalized; most had underlying health problems and got worse during the second week of illness.

Back in China, slightly more men are diagnosed with COVID-19 than females, which could be because almost half of Chinese men smoke only 5 percent of guys do, Frieden said.

Truth: COVID-19 is not just like the common flu.

"It's been a 2 on a scale of 10", said Carl Goldman, who was hospitalized in Omaha, Nebraska, after flying home.

Samples are shipped to labs that search for pieces of viral genetic material, which requires about four to six hours.

"It has been carrying two to three times, and" we're working quite tough to see whether we could shorten that period" by creating an in-house evaluation, Dr Aimee Moulin at the University of California, Davis said Thursday at a conference call held by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

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Some areas have opened drive-thru sites for testing, which could reduce exposure to health workers and other patients or the public.

The average time from vulnerability to developing symptoms is just five to six weeks, but maybe up to a couple of weeks. Demographic breakdowns of those who've tested positive for the disease show people is their 30s, 40s and 50s are not immune to the infection.

Signs of virus also have been found in stool weeks after patients recover, but that doesn't mean it's capable of causing illness, scientists warn. "It's not necessarily infectious virus at all".

"I'm asymptomatic, you know, I don't have any symptoms".

A study that was shared by researchers on Sunday found that between 48% and 66% of the 91 cases in Singapore were contracted from someone who was pre-symptomatic. This new evidence could provide guidance to public health officials on how to contain the spread of the disease. In the US, 30 million have diabetes, more than 70 million are obese and almost 80 million have high blood pressure.

"Some spread might be possible before people show symptoms; there have been reports of this occurring with this new coronavirus, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads", according to the website.

She said they're trying to understand people under the age of 20 who don't have "significant symptoms.Are they a group that are potentially asymptomatic and spreading the virus?" she asked.

Fauci told Congress on Thursday that it was unlikely that someone could get reinfected.

"We have not officially proved it, however, it's strongly probable that that's the situation", he explained. The virus has a much higher death rate than the flu.

But that, too, is far from certain. It also has a higher reproduction of infection rate than the flu.



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