This nurse shows how quickly germs spread even if you wear gloves

07 Avril, 2020, 21:53 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • A nurse in Michigan recorded a video to show just how quickly germs can spreads during a simple trip to the grocery store

"There's no point", she said in the video. This is symbolized from the paint marks ultimately resulting in cross-contamination.

Molly Lixey said she made the video after seeing people buying groceries while wearing gloves.

Lixey continues to pretend she's walking through the grocery store and as she imitates picking up new items to put in her cart, she dips her fingers back into the paint to mimic the germs she's picking up throughout this process.

That's because whatever gets on the gloves would migrate to the phone if someone picked it up. Here I'm in Meijer getting my groceries, and I reach for toilet paper.

"It terrifies me to think people believe they're safe only because they are wearing gloves and not have them be aware that they could still be harming themselves or others", Lixey told CNN.

Lixey then imagines that she takes a roll of toilet paper off the shelves.

Lixey, from MI in the United States, starts the clip by telling people that it's fine to wear gloves while out shopping but that everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of cross-contamination.

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'So let me text him back: "OK, honey, I got it, let me get us some chicken"'.

Ms Lixey went on to point out that people would irresponsibly discard their gloves on the ground next to their vehicle at the parking lot, and she pressed that the dirty gloves belong in the trash can. So unless the person disinfects the phone, the bacteria on that trip would travel to his or her hand when the gloves were off and the person touched the device. Even though people may think their bare hands are clean after their shopping trip, as they reach for their contaminated phones, the germs would transfer onto their hands, defeating the objective of wearing gloves. As she touches her cheeks and nose with the gloves, the germs make their way to her face and mobile phone.

"This is called cross-contamination".

It was told in the video that one day I was doing some painting work in my house, only then they have an idea that through the paint can be explained to the audience how can be the first of the Jams despite wearing gloves, so while working on this idea He has prepared this video wearing gloves and you go to a grocery store to buy. You're staying home and staying safe?

The nurse said all this fear is making everyone "crazy" and "not acting very smart".

She advises people need to clean their hands all the time after touching potentially contaminated items, to clean their phone and not touch their face while they are out.

Ms Lixey's explanation of cross-contamination is incredibly clear, and the actual message she wanted to convey is to wash hands as frequently as possible. If you want to wear gloves, that's all fine and well, you absolutely can.



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