Un joueur de la LNH est dans le coma

08 Avril, 2020, 01:21 | Auteur: Adelaide Bullion

Les Oilers d'Edmonton ont annonce une nouvelle très inquiétant sur leurs différents réseaux sociaux ce mardi. Aucune autre information relative à son état de santé et aux circonstances entourant le problème n'a été dévoilée.

Cave, âgé de 25 ans et originaire de Battleford, en Saskatchewan, a marqué un but en 11 matchs avec les Oilers cette saison.

Son séjour avec les Bruins s'est terminé quand les Oilers l'ont réclamé au ballottage en janvier 2019.

Walmart Faces Lawsuit Over Worker's Death From Coronavirus Complications
Walmart also hired new workers in an expedited process without properly screening them for symptoms of COVID-19, Evans' estate says.

Super Pink Moon visible tonight: Here's everything you need to know
" Moons always rise in the East and set in the West - so follow this direction in your search", he explained . April's Full Moon can also be known as the Egg Moon, the Paschal Moon or the Fish Moon.

Major League Baseball has discussed playing all games in a central location
If a deal is agreed on, teams would reportedly undergo a 2-3 week training camp in Arizona as protocols are tested. Among them is the Arizona Diamondbacks' Chase Field, 10 spring training facilities and other nearby fields.

En 44 rencontres avec les Condors dans la Ligue américaine cette année, Cave a amassé 11 buts et 12 passes.

Cave a disputé cinq saisons avec les Broncos de Swift Current, dans la Ligue de l'Ouest, avant de rejoindre l'organisation des Bruins de Boston en 2014-15. Le jeune homme totalise 67 parties en carrière dans la LNH.



Roseanne Barr Thinks Coronavirus Is Conspiracy to 'Get Rid of My Generation'
For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC , WHO , and local public health departments . Roseanne Barr is sharing her theory on the coronavirus pandemic and it's probably not something that many people agree on.

Largest supermoon of 2020 rises on a world battling coronavirus
Also referred to as the sprouting grass moon, the egg moon and the fish moon, the pink moon is the third super moon of the year. At its fullest, the moon will be 221,855 miles away, making it appear larger and more brilliant.

Nouvelles révélations dans l’attribution des Coupes du monde 2018 et 2022 — FIFA
Depuis mai 2015 et la révélation de l'enquête Fifagate, les révélations de corruption se multiplient au sein de la FIFA. Partagez le, il intéressera d'autres personnes.

This nurse shows how quickly germs spread even if you wear gloves
You're staying home and staying safe? The nurse said all this fear is making everyone "crazy" and "not acting very smart". That's because whatever gets on the gloves would migrate to the phone if someone picked it up.

Paul Pogba prepares £50m, set to buy himself out of United contract
Hearts Defender Andy Webster was the first player to apply the ruling when he cited Article 17 to leave the club for Wigan. This is a controversial loophole in the transfer system that is rarely exploited.

I Sure Hope Samsung's Rumoured Bean Buds Are Real
The Samsung Galaxy Buds from a year ago were easily among some of the best truly wireless earbuds on the market. It remains to be seen if they come out as successful products or the company makes some changes to the design.

Stephanie Grisham leaving role as White House press secretary
Through her tenure as press secretary, Grisham never gave a traditional briefing, saying they had become "a lot of theater". The White House did not immediately name a successor for Grisham, who has also held the job of communications director.

Recovered coronavirus patient in Malaysia donates blood plasma to help others
I was anxious if the virus I brought had infected them too, " he said. "I only rely on Allah Almighty during that time", he said. Because of this, Reza hopes that more people can step forward to donate their blood plasma so that more patients can be treated.

Navy Captain Tests Positive for Coronavirus Days After Being Fired
The navy secretary's speech was obtained by the Daily Caller . "I didn't want that to happen again", he told the newspaper. Crozier's own illness is a further demonstration of the deep inroads that the coronavirus has made within the military.

Extraction Trailer Out Today Confirms Randeep Hooda
Directed by Sam Hargrave , the trailer has an interesting blend of drama, action and great background score. His skills are put to test when he has to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned global crime lord.