Small Asteroid To Intersect Earth's Orbit On Saturday

25 Avril, 2020, 11:22 | Auteur: Therese Cote

According to the data collected by the agency, the asteroid is following a natural trajectory that intersects Earth's path.

"The radar measurements allow us to know more precisely where the asteroid will be in the future, including its future close approaches to Earth", says Flaviane Venditti, a research scientist at the observatory.

As a comparison, the asteroid known in the history as the one responsible for the elimination of the dinosaurs on the Earth was around six miles. They mentioned that they are keeping a close watch on the asteroid. Instead of hitting the ground, the asteroid will most likely break apart and explode in the sky after going through the planet's atmosphere.

2020 HN3 was first observed on April 19. It follows a wide circle around the Sun.

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"The ESA said the catalog documents every single asteroid that is now known that poses even the tiniest chance of impacting Earth as what is called a "non-zero" chance for the next 100 years - meaning that an impact, however unlikely, can not be ruled out".

CNEOS noted that 2020 GB3's next near-Earth approach would happen on Wednesday (April 22) at 9:36 a.m. EDT. The Arecibo Planetary Radar Program is fully supported by NASA's Near-Earth Object Observations Program in NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office through grant no. 80NSSC19K0523 awarded to UCF. As it passes through Earth's path, the asteroid will be about 0.00592 astronomical units or around 550,000 miles from the planet's surface. Later in April, a space rock a large portion of the size of Mount Everest is purportedly set to pass by our planet, yet a good ways off of in excess of multiple times that of the Moon. According to NASA, the asteroid approached Earth from a much farther distance at the time.

As viewed by NASA's projection of the space rock's circle, 2020 GA3 will not return to Earth's neighbourhood until October 28, 2029. Based on NASA's projections, the asteroid is expected to fly past Earth from a distance of about 0.06300 astronomical units or roughly 5.9 million miles away.



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