US Supreme Court hears arguments over Trump's tax returns

13 Mai, 2020, 03:22 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
  • US Supreme Court hears arguments over Trump's tax returns

The nine justices heard an oral argument by teleconference over attempts by House of Representatives committees to obtain the records in a pair of cases that test the authority of Congress to conduct oversight of the president.

Faced with a tough hypothetical posed by Justice Kavanaugh, Letter wouldn't completely close the door on the possibility that the Congress could seek a President's medical records for a legislative goal.

Anine-judge bench had been asked to clarify the contours of Articles 25 and 26 and whether courts could examine the legality of any practice considered essential in any religion, and if so on a public interest litigation or only a petition filed by affected parties.

Rulings against Trump could result in the release of damaging information during his campaign for re-election. Trump insists that he is being targeted for political reasons as opposed to a legitimate legislative goal, and that Congress does not have the right to expose individuals without a valid reason.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has declined to recuse herself from these cases even though her openly-declared disdain for Trump unquestionably requires it.

President Donald Trump is the first USA president since Richard Nixon in the 1970s to refuse to release his tax returns. Two committees also subpoenaed Capital One and Deutsche Bank as part of their investigation into Russian money laundering and potential foreign influence involving Trump.

Unlike other recent presidents, Mr Trump has refused to release his tax returns. "It's not likely that more than one or many states much less 2,300 counties, whatever had that connection to a president's private conduct".

Fellow liberal Justice Elena Kagan noted that where personal records are concerned "the president is just a man".

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The president's lawyers maintain that during his time in office he effectively has complete legal immunity, which is necessary for him to focus on his work without being investigated by lawyers or members of Congress.

The Democratic-led House Committee on Oversight and Reform last year subpoenaed eight years of Mr. In a separate case, a federal appeals court threw out a state murder conviction because the crime occurred on land assigned to the tribe before Oklahoma became a state and Congress never clearly eliminated the Creek Nation reservation it created in 1866.

Roberts and conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, one of Trump's two Supreme Court appointees, appeared to be hesitant about second-guessing Congress, while Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito seemed more skeptical about the Democrats' motives. "At some point, it debilitates the president".

Letter acknowledged that a "massive" number of subpoenas to the president could be a problem if it overloads the White House, but he claimed that there is no danger of this here because the subpoenas are for financial institutions, not him. Cohen said that Trump had inflated and deflated certain assets on financial statements between 2011 and 2013 in part to reduce his real estate taxes. They also said that even if Congress could issue the subpoenas, it lacked a valid legislative reason for doing so and had not stated with sufficient detail why it needed the documents.

Carey Dunne, the general counsel of the Manhattan District Attorney's office, sought to shoot that down, stating, "There's really no empirical basis in history for this, this apocryphal prediction" of a "parade of horribles" laid out by Trump's lawyer.

The case from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is one of two the Supreme Court is considering involving the president's personal records.

In the afternoon session, devoted to similar requests as part of a criminal investigation by a district attorney in New York City, Trump's lawyers argued that the president is immune from prosecution by local authorities who may be motivated by political considerations. Listeners can expect to hear questions that draw comparisons to other major decisions on presidential power, rulings that went against Richard M. Nixon and Bill Clinton.



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