EastEnders set to resume filming by the end of June

15 Mai, 2020, 00:23 | Auteur: Christine Menetries
  • EastEnders set to resume filming by the end of June

Moore told The Telegraph that production on motoring show Top Gear was also set to restart.

Filming on the BBC One soap - which is made at Elstree Studios in north London - was stopped along with many other shows as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. "As the United Kingdom takes its first tentative steps to ease the lockdown the question is: What can we do to kick-start the TV industry and support our brilliant production sector nationwide", she said. "The filming now underway on our new productions of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues is showing what's possible under Covid-19 restrictions", she suggested.

"Of course, we will work within Government guidelines".

EastEnders set to resume filming by the end of June

The BBC's director of content, Charlotte Moore, has confirmed that EastEnders and Top Gear will "begin filming again by the end of June". Cast members will do their own hair and make-up.

Its guide, Our Plan To Rebuild: The UK Government's Covid-19 Recovery Strategy, offers advice on social distancing while the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said it was "working closely with the screen sector to understand how different types of productions can comply with social-distancing guidelines and give confidence to people in the TV and film industries that there are safe ways in which they can return to work".

Her commitment to a restart follows Deadline revealing this week that the government has given the green light for TV and film production to resume in the United Kingdom as part of its plans to get the country back to work. "Our shared goal is to find new ways of working to help fire up the engines of British TV production - safely and sensibly", she declared. "I think I'm going to get found out every day!"

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