Prince Harry 'drove decision' to quit as Senior Royals

25 Mai, 2020, 15:37 | Auteur: Christine Menetries
  • How Meghan recreated the spot she and Harry fell in love for his birthday

"Last year, for Harry's birthday, Meghan recreated their Botswana camping adventures in their backyard", a source told People of the incredible gesture. Page Six has reported that Baker, a former liberal democrat for East Sussex who is known for his harsh commentary of the royals, says the pair used taxpayer dollars for "it seems, whatever they want".

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"It's a place that means so much to them - and to Harry in particular - so Meghan wanted to bring that happy place to him on his day so she set up a tent, got sleeping bags, cooked dinner and recreated Botswana where they fell in love", the source added.

"And then it was I think about three, maybe four weeks later that I managed to persuade her to come and join me in Botswana", Harry revealed in his and Meghan's 2017 engagement interview.

Rumour has it Meghan urged Harry to reconsider "stepping down" on several occasions before he finally made his decision. "And we - we camped out with each other under the stars, we spent - she came and joined me for five days out there, which was absolutely fantastic".

Prince Harry and Meghan celebrated Archie's first birthday recently
Prince Harry and Meghan celebrated Archie's first birthday recently

It's not the only milestone that the couple celebrated this month.

A source told the publication the pair exchanged "cotton-based gifts per tradition", and they "reminisced about what a handsome and magical day it was", referring to their wedding day on May 19, 2018, at Windsor Castle, England.

This week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry-who recently moved to Los Angeles-celebrated their second wedding anniversary by reportedly drinking margaritas, eating Mexican food, and video-calling some of their closest friends to reminisce about "what a attractive and magical day it was".

"[They] always give each other incredibly romantic gifts", the insider told People magazine.

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon arrives for its date with destiny
It will be the first trip since then not related to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus , which causes the COVID-19 disease. NASA has discouraged spectators, citing the pandemic, and is limiting the number of visitors inside the space center.

Thailand Enters Global Race For Vaccine With Trials On Monkeys
Trials can be carried out overseas , including in Africa, where the virus has just started to spread, Collins said. The data presented is encouraging, but there are several concerning warning signs that hurdles may lie ahead.

Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning win charity golf match in Hobe Sound
Brady, during "The Match: Champions for Charity" at Medalist Golf Club in South Florida, struggled on Sunday afternoon. Split trousers aside, Brady needed that shot to avoid a monumental embarrassing performance on national television.



Australia records 44tbps internet speed
By leveraging the use of micro-combs, the team successfully replaced 80 lasers now found in most telecommunications hardware . The Verge reported that the test fiber connection ran between RMIT's Melbourne City and Monash University's Clayton campuses.

Dan Simkovitch, Madame Bellefeuille des " Filles d’à côté ", est morte
On s'en souviendra surtout pour son rôle de Madame Bellefeuille dans Les Filles d'à côté , la sitcom culte du Club Dorothée . En 2015, elle avait notamment accompagné Norbert Tarayre dans l'émission Norbert, commis d'office .

Coronavirus : plus de 2 millions de cas déclarés en Europe
Le Royaume-Uni (257.154 cas, 36.675 décès), l'Espagne (234.824, 28.628), l'Italie (229.327, 32.735) et la France (182.219, 28.289) sont les quatre autres pays européens comptant officiellement plus de 180.000 cas sur leur territoire.

Strasbourg : 400 personnes assistent à un match organisé illégalement
Plusieurs centaines de personnes se sont réunies dimanche sur un stade à Strasbourg pour assister à un match de football. Selon lui, personne ne sait si ces équipes sont officielles ou non.

Mercedes-AMG boss to head up Aston Martin; Palmer axed
Mercedes' parent company, Daimler, owns a 5% stake in Aston Martin and supplies the British manufacturer with Mercedes-AMG engines.

Huawei could still be removed from United Kingdom 5G networks
There should be no place for it in the UK. "The security and resilience of our networks is of paramount importance", an NCSC spokesman told the BBC.

Japan set to end Tokyo's state of emergency
Japan will lift a state of emergency for Tokyo and remaining areas still facing restrictions on Monday. Then, the government's coronavirus task force will finalize the plan to lift the state of emergency.

French Open organisers working with authorities to avoid US Open clash
Meanwhile, Forget is confident the French Open will be played in good conditions. France has banned events involving 5,000 or more people until the end of August.

Minister hails Sonu Sood for arranging bus for migrants
These visuals have been going viral on social media with celebrities hailing him for his efforts. People have already declared Sonu a messiah for the migrant workers on social media.

Gillian Galan d’accord avec le LOU — Stade Toulousain
En neuf saisons sur les rives de la Garonne, l'international U20 a été sacré champion de France à trois reprises. Enfant du club, Gillian Galan s'apprête à quitter le Stade Toulousain pour la première fois de sa carrière.