Get ready for the full 'strawberry' moon on Friday

03 Juin, 2020, 13:10 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Strawberry moon full moon in June

In this case, the solar eclipse - when the moon is directly between the sun and Earth - will happen on June 21.

There are three types of eclipses: total, partial and penumbral. They will all be penumbral eclipses that will turn the Moon into a darker silver colour for a few hours instead of the copper-coloured "Blood Moons" of Total Eclipses. However, before you set the alarm clock for some unholy hour this Saturday morning, here's what you should know about this weekend's astronomical event, and why you may actually want to give it a miss.

Partial lunar eclipses are easy-to-watch with naked eyes. Seen from Australia, Asia and Africa, 57 per cent of the Strawberry Moon will be covered by Earth's penumbra - its outer, fuzzy shadow in space.

June's full moon traditionally is known as the full strawberry moon because it comes at the time of year when wild strawberries are ripe. It certainly sounds delicious! That also will be the point at which the full Moon will appear to be its largest for the night. It's a minimal effect, hard to discern, that will not be visible from North America. Whatever you call it, this will be the last full moon of spring, before the summer solstice on June 20. The first one occurred on January 10 and two more will take place in July and November, respectively.

The news isn't great for astronomy fans. According to, "a solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse".

Unlike the dramatic reddening of the Moon seen during totality when the Moon slides through the inner dark umbra of the Earth's shadow, penumbral eclipses are subtle affairs. Maximum eclipse occurs at 19:26 UT, with the Moon 59 percent immersed in the umbral shadow of the Earth.

A file photo of the 2010 Strawberry Moon seen over Victoria.

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"I'd be anxious about getting people out of bed in the middle of the night to see something so unspectacular!"

This eclipse crosses through the zenith for the southern Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Madagascar at mid-'penumbralarity, ' making this remote site at sea the best site to spy the eclipse high above the murk of the lower atmosphere.

What is the Strawberry Moon Eclipse?

"The Moon went through penumbra in that. for that one, the Moon went a little bit deeper into the penumbra, and if you were used to looking at the Moon you wouldn't noticed the southern region of the Moon looking just a little bit dusky but this particular one I think you'd struggle to even see that".

"We have twilight [in Sydney] before the end of the eclipse, so Western Australia is going to get a longer view of the eclipse - but nothing with change the fact that it's a fairly unspectacular event".

There are three kinds of lunar eclipses, which can happen only during a full moon. Prof Watson says. Mark it in the calendar.



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