Sedgwick County Health Department discusses antibody testing, negative test results

03 Juin, 2020, 20:36 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • CDC Provides Guidance on COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Therefore, scientists are not stating that positive results on the antibody test guarantee you immunity for the COVID-19 virus.

The US CDC is now in the process of evaluating the performance of commercial antibody tests, with the aim of estimating the percentage of people previously infected with Covid-19 in the US.

There are dozens of COVID-19 antibody tests promising to tell people if they have had coronavirus, but are they accurate?

Positive test results on the antibody test mean that you have antibodies from an infection that causes COVID-19.

The imperfections in test results have made it hard to know how often health care workers need to be tested, she says, because a negative test doesn't mean you don't have the virus or "that you can just stop wearing your mask and not worry about it anymore".

The short answer to the question is: Sure, get tested if you want.

No appointment is necessary and you don't need an order from a physician to get the antibody test.

Find a list of available testing sites in Sacramento County, and instructions for making an appointment here.

"Community-wide testing is a critical step toward re-opening the county and allows us to identify and increase our understanding of COVID-19 community transmission", the notice reads.

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On May 18, San Mateo County began offering testing to anyone who wants to make an appointment.

There's been a lot of noise about antibody testing for COVID-19.

The CDC does not now recommend using antibody testing to determine if people can return to work or if groups, such as schools, dorms or correctional facilities can be together.

I don't have any symptoms and I don't know anyone who does.

Specifically, the guidance states that, although the presence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies when detected using a reliable antibody testing method "likely indicates at least some degree of immunity, until the durability and duration of immunity is established, it can not be assumed that individuals with truly positive antibody test results are protected from future infection".

In its new advisory concerning antibody testing, the CDC said that tests give more accurate results if the disease being tested for is common in the population, and if an infection has only affected a small percentage of people being tested, even a small margin of error in that test would be heightened. If you have for example the measles antibody that will protect you if you are ever exposed to measles only.

In other words, she says, if you're getting tested to get peace of mind, a negative test shouldn't give you much peace of mind. Right now, certainly not in health care, are we saying even if you do get this testing, you are positive. Health officials, I know, have expressed uncertainty about whether having antibodies actually means immunity. "And at about 10:30 that night I got my son and said we need to go". The shortage was such that many hospitals and clinics would test only someone who had traveled to a country with an outbreak, had a known exposure to a positive case or showed symptoms of the disease.

"Specificity means is it specific to COVID-19, or does it have the potential to cross react to other coronaviruses or viruses in general", Warner said.

How can I get a test that tells me whether I've previously had COVID-19? Antibody tests, on the other hand, look for signs of previous infection.



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