Scientists have discovered a planet's exposed core orbiting a star in space

04 Juillet, 2020, 10:28 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • First Exoplanet With Exposed Planetary Core Discovered

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The planetary core, named TOI-849 b, is too big to be a rocky planet, researchers say.

The previous risk that the scientists counsel is that the core is what continues to be of a gas big planets that collided with a different substantial object.

The "ice giant" planets Neptune and Uranus are much less dense than rocky, terrestrial planets such as Venus and Earth. "We have the opportunity to look at the core of a planet in a way that we can't do in our own solar system".

Now, a new planet discovered by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, TESS, seems to buck this trend. This is the core survivor a gas giant that orbits a distant star to 730 light years away.

TOI 849 b was found to have a mass the equivalent to roughly 40 Earths, however it only had the radius 3.4 times that of our Blue Marble.Therefore, it had to be extremely dense, suggesting that it mostly comprises iron, rock and water, and very little of the relatively light elements hydrogen and helium.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a planet might look like? "It's quite insane to think what's happening at the center of a planet with that kind of pressure".

The findings appeared in the journal Nature.

When the scientists very first looked at the object, they considered it may possibly be a binary star. "Because TOI 849 b is so close to the star, any atmosphere remaining around the planet must be replenished constantly from the nucleus", says the researcher. These are shared publicly with the general scientific community along with the TESS data for further analysis.

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What lies deep in gasoline large planets has lengthy been a thriller for astronomers.

"I consider one particular of the biggest clues is that we identified the earth inside the "Hot Neptunian desert", which is this area of parameter house exactly where we never generally find planets", Dr Armstrong instructed BBC Information.

Huang says that TOI-849 b's curious proportions are challenging existing theories of planetary formation. "All the current theories don't fully explain why it's so massive at its current location".

"We would expect a planet this massive to have accreted large quantities of hydrogen and helium when it formed, growing into something similar to Jupiter". They're also quite mysterious, as nobody really knows what is lurking deep within the miles of gas that makes up their thick atmospheres.

The first is that it was once similar to Jupiter, but lost nearly all of its external gas, for some reason, like orbiting too close to its star, or even after a collision with another planet. It orbits so close to its host star -very similar to our Sun-that a year lasts only 18 hours and its surface temperature is hellish, of around 1500 ºC. Its orbital period is just 0.765 days, or just over 18 hours, which exposes the planet to about 2,000 times the solar radiation that Earth receives from the sun.

It is possible that the object was indeed once similar to Jupiter, and that it subsequently had its vast gaseous envelope depleted.

"There is a huge range and diversity of planets out there, with more found every week, and if anything is becoming clear it is that we should not be surprised at odd new discoveries", said Armstrong, a researcher in the physics department at the University of Warwick in England. "Although photoevaporation charges cannot account for the mass decline needed to minimize a Jupiter-like gas giant, they can take out a compact (a number of Earth masses) hydrogen and helium envelope on timescales of a number of billion years, implying that any remaining atmosphere on TOI-849b is most likely to be enriched by water or other volatiles from the planetary interior".

Reference: "A remnant planetary core in the hot-Neptune desert" by David Armstrong et al., 1 July 2020, Nature.



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