Blackout Day 2020: How to Support the Blackout Day Boycott

08 Juillet, 2020, 03:38 | Auteur: Auguste Feret
  • The Blackout Coalition created #BlackOutDay2020 in an effort to unify Black Americans and their over $1 trillion in spending power

The phrase Blackout Day first surfaced in 2015 on Tumblr as an effort to showcase Black artists and creators and combat negative stereotypes Black people have endured. To demonstrate their economic force with an estimated $1.3 trillion in spending power, Black consumers - and anyone wishing to support the Black community in its quest for justice against systemic racism and financial inequity - are encouraged to not spend money today. In a video posted May 8, 2020, the event's founder, Texas-based Calvin Martyr, asked for Black people in America for one day to not spend a dollar - "not online, not on Amazon, no fast food places, no restaurants, no stores".

"If we can do it for a day, we can do it for a week, a month, a quarter, a year ... and one day we will look up and it will be a way of life", the website says.

All of the above makes participation in Blackout Day 2020 that much more vital.

Where the Black Lives Matter protests that have spread across the globe this year can be seen as social protests, Blackout Day can be seen as economic protests-though both have the same end-goal: highlighting the importance of Black lives and forcing politicians to end institutionally racist policies that are embedded in society. Organizers behind the cause say they have a handful of objectives they're looking to accomplish with the day of racial and economic solidarity.

Many Black Americans are encouraging one another not to open their wallets Tuesday as part of a one-day spending stoppage called Blackout Day. "I guarantee you we'll get change, the only time we gonna get change is when they fear to hurt us like we fear hurting them". Blackout Day 2020 is also different from the original Blackout Day. "If we can do it for one day it would shut the whole system down". (According to a 2018 report from Nielsen, Black people spend $1.2 trillion annually in the U.S.) The organizers also are asking allies and other persons of color to participate.

Flyers have been popping up across the country advertising Blackout Day 2020 accompanied by the tag line, "money talks, let's speak their language".

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Martyr told a Houston television station that Black Americans refusing to buy things for one day will show the nation how important Black spending has become.

If you want, you can choose not to shop at all, but ideally you'll decide to spend your coin with some incredible Black-owned brands.

Yelp, which recently rolled out its own initiative to promote more spending at Black-owned business, is teaming up with "My Black Receipt", reported that it saw customers search 35 times more often for Black-owned businesses to support.

Websites and mobile apps can locate your nearest black-owned business.

You can always justify a new face mask during a pandemic, so check out these 10 Black-owned face mask businesses. The Blackout Coalition also created a directory to help you find Black-owned businesses near you. Black-Owned Brooklyn, for example, shines a light on Black-owned businesses in Brooklyn, New York.



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