Saharan dust may impact the ArkLaTex next week

10 Juillet, 2020, 14:53 | Auteur: Therese Cote
  • Saharan Dust from Africa is on its way to the US

Its many thanks to a important area of Saharan Dust observed in satellite imagery blowing off the west coast of Africa.

Forecasting products show the dust going throughout the tropics - the primary places of tropical improvement - and into the Gulf of Mexico by this time next week.

This means it will travel more than 5,000 miles, according to CNN Halley Brink, a meteorologist.

"Large Saharan Dust feathers routinely in the Atlantic Ocean from late spring to early fall", he says. "Every time, when the dust plume is large enough and the trade winds have been set right, the dust can travel thousands of miles across the Atlantic and into the United States".

However the dust is a obvious indicator there will be small to no tropical enhancement, it isn't the primary reason why a tropical procedure will not type when it is current.

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"Dust is the visible part of the zone of reduced potential for tropical development", explains CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. "It is the dry air and extra vertical wind shear together with the dust that are the driving aspects in limiting tropical storm advancement".

Vertical wind shear is the change of wind speed and direction with altitude. For a hurricane to type, it desires minor to no wind shear and a really moist atmosphere.

NOAA researchers discovered that Saharan dust storms containing tiny specks of dust are linked to suppressed hurricane activity in the Atlantic. Instead, by this time next week, people who live and visit the shores of the Caribbean and Gulf coast will be in some wonderful sunrise and sunset.

When dust thus travels across the ocean, "dust particles elevated in the atmosphere can scatter sunlight and create some of the sunniest living things", says Brink.



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