Rapper Offset Is Stopped by Police Throughout Instagram Live Video

27 Octobre, 2020, 19:37 | Auteur: Christine Menetries
  • Offset arrested after alleged confrontation with Donald Trump supporters

On Offset's Instagram Live, an off-camera officer asks the Migos rapper why he won't exit the vehicle.

A still from Cardi B's song "Wap".

According to The Sun, Offset was asked to turn off his engine and get out of his vehicle in Beverly Hills, but then the rapper refused to do it. The drama began, however, after Cardi shared the Instagram photo.

In a tweet, Philip Lewis of the Huffington Post said that person, Marcelo Almanzar, is Cardi B's cousin.

Cardi B posted a video to Instagram saying she felt threatened by Trump supporters before her husband Offset was detained by police while driving through a rally for the president. "That's illegal. I'm going to sue to the shit out of y'all". "Trump supporters are everywhere", Cardi says in the clip, before adding, "I'm scared..."

"I'm a celebrity. You know who I am?" the rapper replies.

In footage of the incident that he posted to Instagram Live, the rapper could be seen leaving his vehicle to be questioned by police.

When one of the police officers accused him of "waving guns at people", he claims that Trump supporters used a flag to strike his vehicle. However, Offset said that the Trump supporters used a flag to strike his vehicle.

Much of the commotion took place as a crowd gathered - including several people carrying pro-Trump signs which had to have added to the tense situation.

Offset arrested after alleged confrontation with Donald Trump supporters

"The victim of this offense didn't want to press charges because of the pointing of this weapon", the Beverly Hills Police Department's statement.

"There have been media reports that entertainer Offset was arrested", the statement read.

Offset then says that someone "beat my vehicle with a flag". However, as per The Sun, those reports were inaccurate.

Offset, who was chasing his wife Cardi B around Beverly Hills, documented the incident on Instagram Live and was arrested by Beverly Hills police after claiming Trump supporters flapped their flags on his vehicle during a protest. "He was released shortly thereafter".

The representative continued and said that Offset thanked his fans for their wishes and support for peace and safety amid these trying times. "He encourages everyone to get out and vote because nothing changes if nothing changes". "We were told that you guys were waving guns at people", she said. As Cardi B was held back by a friend, she yelled, "That's my husband!"

In the video, you can hear officers ask him to exit his auto but he refuses becase the officers have their guns pointed at him.

Cardi B appeared in the scene through her black Rolls Royce and found Offset next to his orange jeep, arguing with the officers.

Offset got out of the vehicle and asked the officers why they are clutching his wrist before the video ends.

Cardi B is pictured above in a heated talk with a police officer in Beverly Hills on October 24. She yells as Offset is led away, claiming that Offset is not armed.

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