Province declares state of emergency, issues stay at home order

13 Janvier, 2021, 23:19 | Auteur: Anatole Charbonneau
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"Unless it is an essential reason - getting food, medicine, visiting the doctor or exercise, going to work - you must, you must - I repeat - you must stay home. It is the law and it will be enforced". "As simple as that", he said.

"Each site has been working to ensure that happens in as small number as possible but it will continue to occur when you're vaccinating 165,000 people to millions of people".

Schools in grey zone urban areas will remain closed to in-person learning until February 10th.

She also worries that there is a lot of confusion about what exactly people are allowed to do when and would like to see a "clearer line" from the province on how to stop COVID.

"There will be choices about who will get the care they need and who will not", said Brown.

Quebec is reporting 2,071 new cases of COVID-19 today and 35 more deaths attributed to the virus. Of those, 36 were residents of long-term care homes and one was a health-care worker employed at a long-term care home.

-Older adults, beginning with those aged 80 and older, then decreasing in age in five-year increments as the rollout progresses.

The Ontario government is expected to announce new COVID-19 measures today as well as updated projections for the pandemic's progression over the next several weeks.

"I know the stay at home order is a drastic measure, one we don't take lightly".

"It also says organized public gatherings and social events are limited to five people".

Health officials say hospitalizations rose to 1,516 in the last 24 hours and 229 hospitalized people were in intensive care.

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A total of 144,784 doses have been administered in Ontario.

So far, more than 13,000 vaccinations have been administered to LTC residents.

Deaths in long-term care homes have hit 1,100 deaths and are expected to surpass 1,800 deaths experienced in the first wave.

Using Ornge, the province has also transported nearly 1,290 doses to coastal communities on James Bay and to Sioux Lookout, with 145 vaccines administered to remote fly-in First Nation communities this week. Now that it's been demonstrated that the Pfizer vaccine can be safely moved away from very-low-temperature freezers, the government will be using it more widely, including with mobile teams.

They expect to receive 2.3 million doses of the BioN-Tech/Pifzer and Moderna vaccines up to March 31.

They said each site with vaccines was given an ethical framework and a risk form matrix, but may have ignored those in some instances to simply get doses of vaccine out and into people's arms.

-People already suffering from high-risk chronic conditions, and their caregivers.

The plan builds on an earlier pledge to give the COVID-19 vaccine to long-term care facilities in virus hot spots by January 21.

As part of Phase Two, the province will expand vaccination sites to include municipally run sites, hospital sites, mobile vaccination sites, pharmacies, clinics, primary care settings and community locations such as community health centres and Indigenous health access centres.

Ontario reported 3,338 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, 3,945 on Sunday, 3,443 on Saturday and an all-time high of 4,249 on Friday.



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