How much will staff be paid — NHS pay rise

05 Mars, 2021, 21:49 | Auteur: Christine Menetries

A 1% pay rise for NHS workers is "the most" the government can afford due to the economic cost of the COVID crisis, a health minister has told Sky News.

"We did not want nurses to go unrecognised - or doctors - and no other public sector employee is receiving a pay rise, there has been a pay freeze".

Inflation is now at 0.9%, but other unions pointed to forecast inflation of 1.5% this year to claim a 1% pay rise for NHS staff would actually amount to a real terms pay cut. Unison, a health care union, called the pay increase the "worst kind of insult the government could give health workers".

This recommendation is non-binding.

In November, the government announced that public-sector workers would have their pay frozen in 2021-22.

The exception was for those on salaries under £24,000 and NHS staff.

"With the time remaining before the Pay Review Body recommendation, the government can expect a backlash from a million NHS workers".

This particular body looks at nearly 1.5 million people, including nurses, midwives and health assistants, working for the NHS across the UK.

Effectively, this evidence - laid out in a 115-page document - outlines what the government thinks would be a suitable pay increase for the coming year.

The Government has been accused of inflicting a "kick in the teeth" to health workers for suggesting they receive a 1% pay rise.

Any increase in salaries is expensive because of the huge number of staff working in the health service.

British government defends ‘pitiful’ pay rise for nurses
And so that is why we decided they have to have something, and we've recommended the one percent, which is what we can afford". Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has also criticised the proposed pay deal, which would amount to a pay cut in real terms.

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Now nearly half the NHS's budget goes on staffing costs - a total of £56.1bn.

In theory, the pay-review bodies make recommendations for all staff across the UK.

However, it is up to the individual United Kingdom nations to decide whether to accept them.

A Government spokesman said: "Over one million NHS staff continue to benefit from multi-year pay deals agreed with trade unions, which have delivered a pay rise of over 12% for newly-qualified nurses and will increase junior doctors' pay scales by 8.2%".

The public are being urged to join a mass slow handclap in protest at a government recommendation for a 1% pay rise for NHS workers - as unions begin discussions over strike action.

But the impact of inflation means that over the whole period some salaries are worth less than they were a decade ago.

He tweeted: "You can't rebuild a country by cutting nurses' pay".

Nurses are just one part of the NHS workforce and the pay agreement implemented in 2018-19 affected different staff members in different ways.

For example, the agreement meant the wages of those in the very lowest pay band, such as housekeeping or security staff, increased by nearly 30% over the past three years.

"We are facing an increasingly unsafe workload in the intensive care unit, and a lot of staff being redeployed to ICU without basic intensive care training".

And it's important to point out that the pay of many NHS staff increases automatically each year anyway, as their experience grows and they move up within pay bands.



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