Seventh day of Chauvin murder trial begins — George Floyd death

06 Avril, 2021, 23:37 | Auteur: Auguste Feret
  • LIVE UPDATES: Derek Chauvin trial continues Tuesday

Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) training coordinator Mr Mercil told the court that officers are taught to use force in proportion to a suspect's level of resistance and it was "very important to be careful with the person".

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo took the stand Monday, testifying about police policy that dictates that whenever it is reasonable to do so, officers must use tactics to deescalate a situation so as to avoid or minimize the use of force.

He testified that, based on the training that officers receive, Mr Chauvin should only have used the neck restraint that rendered Mr Floyd unconscious if there was "active aggression" involved.

Police Chief Medaria Arradondo addresses the media in June 2020 where he discussed police reforms.

"When we talk about the framework of our sanctity of life and when we talk about our principles and the values that we have, that action goes contrary to what we are talking about". Arradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey also made several policy changes, including expanding requirements for reporting use-of-force incidents and documenting attempts to de-escalate situations.

Mr Floyd's treatment by police was captured on widely seen bystander video, that sparked protests around the USA as people demonstrated against racial inequality. Chauvin's lawyers argue that Floyd's death was really a drug overdose.

Prosecutor Steve Schleicher noted that while some people may become more risky under the influence of drugs or alcohol, some may actually be "more vulnerable".

Mr Arradondo agreed and acknowledged that this must also be taken into consideration when officers decide to use force.

Before he was pinned to the ground, a frantic Floyd struggled with police who were trying to put him in a squad auto, saying he was claustrophobic.

Defence attorney Eric Nelson left and Chauvin are seen in Hennepin County District Court on Tuesday
Defence attorney Eric Nelson left and Chauvin are seen in Hennepin County District Court on Tuesday

A police officer has testified that the man accused of killing George Floyd understood how to deal with suspects who are going through crisis. He repeatedly said he was claustrophobic. Even so, the judge said Hall should be able to testify on Floyd's condition in the auto and whether he fell asleep suddenly after possibly taking opioid pills. Prosecutors said Chauvin continued to kneel on Floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds after his hands were cuffed behind his back and he was lying on his stomach, even though Floyd said 27 times that he could not breathe.

The officers also rebuffed offers of help from an off-duty Minneapolis firefighter who wanted to administer aid or tell officers how to do it. He asked whether officers need to take the actions of a crowd into account, and Arradondo agreed.

Prosecutors have suggested that asphyxiation was the cause of Mr Floyd's death - contrasting with the ruling of the medical examiner who said Mr Floyd died of "cardiopulmonary arrest", which means a person's heart and lungs have stopped.

Under questioning from Nelson, Yang testified that people watching an arrest might also be in crisis and that officers had to take in the situation around them as well.

But prosecutors quickly got Mr Arradondo to note that the clip played by Nelson depicted only the few seconds before Floyd was moved onto a stretcher.

Instead of protecting a fellow officer in what is sometimes called the "blue wall of silence", some of the most experienced members of the Minneapolis force - including the police chief and the head of the homicide division - have taken the stand to openly condemn Chauvin's treatment of Floyd.

Lieutenant Johnny Mercil said Mr Chauvin was not trained to use his legs as a neck restraint and should not have done so when Mr Floyd was handcuffed and under control.

Hall's lawyer said "there's an allegation here that Mr Floyd ingested a controlled substance as police were removing him from the auto".

"We were taught about positional asphyxia all the way back to my academy", Blackwell said, adding that her time with the department overlaps with the length of time Chauvin has also been there.

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