Brave Volunteers Are Being Deliberately Reinfected With COVID-19 For Science

21 Avril, 2021, 01:08 | Auteur: Yves Courtet
  • New UK challenge trial to see whether people can get COVID again

United Kingdom researchers are set to purposely re-infect a cohort of recovered COVID-19 patients in order to study how the immune system responds to a second encounter with SARS-CoV-2.

"Challenge studies tell us things that other studies can not because, unlike natural infection, they are tightly controlled.

When we re-infect these participants, we will know exactly how their immune system has reacted to the first Covid infection, exactly when the second infection occurs, and exactly how much virus they got", said Helen McShane, Professor of Vaccinology at the Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford and Chief Investigator on the study.

The Oxford University's trial will take place in two phases.

The trial's initial phase will look at the minimum dose that allows the virus to start replicating without symptoms in some 50 percent of volunteers. The second phase, planned to launch this summer, will see all participants infected with the established dose from the prior phase. Their study will also look at the response of the immune system after getting reinfected with SARS-CoV-2. The research will last for about a year, including a minimum of eight follow-up appointments after being discharged.

They will then be able to understand what kind of immune responses protect against re-infection. That trial, which intentionally infected people who hadn't previously had the virus, was backed by 33.6 million pounds ($46.3 million) of United Kingdom government funding.

Fully vaccinated NZ airport worker tests positive for COVID-19
Significantly, authorities revealed the worker had been fully vaccinated early on, and was routinely tested, too. The case appears to be unrelated to the travel bubble though and flights with Australia have not been suspended.

Russian officials move Alexei Navalny to prison hospital
Moscow said Sunday it would expel a Ukrainian diplomat, prompting an immediate pledge of retaliation from Kiev. The Kremlin has rebuffed Western demands and sanctions as attempts to interfere in Russia's internal affairs.

Oldest Person in US Dies, Leaving 120 Great-Great-Grandkids
From 1960 until she was 108, she lived the same house in the city's Dalebrook neighborhood on her own, with no assistance. Though Ford reportedly suffered dementia in later years, she was able to recite a Bible verse on her 112th birthday.

For this trial, the researchers are looking for 64 previously infected Covid-19 individuals between the age group 18 -30 years.

The virus used in the study will be the original strain from Wuhan, China. Researchers will monitor participants and run tests like CT scans on the lungs and MRI scans on the heart, per the release. But the United Kingdom university has assured that all those enrolled will be completely fit, healthy, and fully recovered from their first Covid infection.

Any participants, recruited on a voluntary basis, who develop any symptoms will be given medical treatment with the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment. The trial participants will only be discharged if they are no longer infected and at risk of spreading the disease. Late a year ago a large partnership between the United Kingdom government and several research groups agreed to commence these studies in early 2021. This human challenge trial expands on an ongoing study deliberately infecting healthy subjects to test vaccine efficacy.

"In particular, we will define how re-infection differs from a first infection with this virus, which may have important implications for how the pandemic is managed going forward as more people develop immunity", says Chiu.

"This study has the potential to transform our understanding by providing high-quality data", said Shobana Balasingam, vaccines senior research advisor at Wellcome. "Keeping up the pace of scientific research and development, through crucial studies such as this remain the only way we will truly get ahead of this pandemic and bring it under control", she said.



1 killed, 2 wounded in shooting at New York grocery store
Police say a person of interest is Gabriel Dewitt Wilson , who is 31 years old and has addresses in Hempstead and Long Beach. Ryder says the shooter was employed at one time there, but it's unclear if he was still employed at the location.

BC enacting new order restricting non-essential travel
Horgan said answers to these questions would become more clear "once Minister Farnworth brings forth the order [on Friday]". There are 27 people in hospital, including 12 in critical care. "We can not thank them enough".

UK Labour party leader clashes with pub landlord in lockdown row
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Walter Mondale, Carter's vice president, dies at 93
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NZ border worker tests Covid positive on second day of bubble
It said more information would be provided later today and this case would be included in Wednesday's totals. The airport worker was regularly tested for Covid and the infection was found following a swab on Monday.

ONTARIO: Ford government rejects NDP paid sick day motion
There are now 36,579 cumulative cases of the B.1.1.7 variant, 211 cases of the P.1 variant and 104 cases of the B.1.351 variant. The erosion of civil liberties across Canada, ostensibly to fight COVID-19, jumped the shark in Ontario Friday.

U.S. Capitol police officer died of natural causes, report says
The Capitol Police had previously said in a statement that Sicknick "was injured while physically engaging with protesters". He said that "when white supremacists attacked our nation's capital, they took the life of one of our officers".

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