Catholic Bishops Vote to Draft Communion Guidelines that Could Exclude Abortion Proponents

19 Juin, 2021, 03:36 | Auteur: Adelaide Bullion
  • BREAKING Biden reacts to Catholic bishops seeking to prevent him from taking communion over pro-abortion stance

At a press conference on Friday, a reporter asked Biden "Do you have a comment about what the Roman Catholic Bishops have done?"

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) voted overwhelmingly to draft a formal document on the meaning of the Eucharist after a contentious debate on whether President Biden and other politicians who support abortion policies are worthy of receiving Communion at Mass. The widespread presence of self-proclaimed Catholics who not only disagree with these positions but actively aim to force payments for abortion, celebrations of same-sex marriage, and the performance of transgender surgery on Americans who object is a devastating scandal for the Church.

Cordileone, who is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D., Calif.) archbishop, has previously said priests should deny communion to Catholic public figures who support abortion rights.

After the debate on Thursday, the Most Reverend Allen H Vigneron, vice-president of the USCCB, announced the move had passed by 168 to 55, with six abstentions.

Catholics in America are sharply divided on the issue.

Opponents said they feared writing the document could sow further partisan division within the church, and that the bishops should take more time to discuss the issue before moving forward.

The Vatican, meanwhile, has attempted to slow the US bishops' drafting of the document. Each individual bishop has the right to decide who should be blocked from the Mass in his diocese.

The document will return for debate at the next bi-annual US Catholic Bishops Conference in November.

Biden attends Mass every Sunday, however his support for abortion has drawn condemnation from Catholics.

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Some bishops want to block politicians with views like Biden's from receiving Communion.

Biden was refused Communion in 2019 by Father Robert Morey of Saint Anthony Catholic Church in SC. "It violates the duty of care that is the central ministry of the ordained", she wrote.

"That's a private matter, and I don't think it's going to happen", the president said of potentially being denied communion.

Cardinal Luis Ladaria - the prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's theological watchdog - urged the US Catholic Bishops Conference to delay the debate. In 2019, only about one third of American Catholics surveyed by Pew said they believed the church's teaching known as "transubstantiation" - or the idea that during communion, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

"This is a Catholic president that's doing the most aggressive thing we've ever seen in terms of this attack on life when it's most innocent", Naumann said. He could be the first president to be denied Communion by his Church - a remarkable development that emphasises the divisive nature of abortion in U.S. politics and religious life.

"No elected officials have been threatened with being denied the Eucharist as they support and have supported policies contrary to the Church teachings", they added, "including supporting the death penalty, separating migrant children from their parents, denying asylum to those seeking safety in the United States, limiting assistance for the hungry and food insecure, and denying rights and dignity to immigrants".

Similar discussions have arisen before, most notably when Democrat John Kerry, also a Roman Catholic, was running for President in 2004.

In addition, the resolution being considered by the US Catholic bishops would be non-binding, and Biden's church in Washington, the Jesuit-run Holy Trinity, seems unlikely to heed the guidance.



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